SOMETIMES inspiration comes from the unlikeliest of places. Such was the case for Fredrik Nathorst, the co-founder behind Swedish jewelry label All Blues. His latest collection, titled ‘Ruined Omelette,’ came about when an attempt at cooking breakfast went awry. "One Sunday morning earlier this year I was at home making an omelette for breakfast and accidentally dropped an egg on the floor. I instantly grabbed a piece of paper and sketched four pieces of jewelry based on the components of that mess – the egg white, the yolk and the two halves of the cracked shell. After cleaning up, I finished cooking the omelette. Unfortunately, it tasted like nothing. To make sure it was my last ruined omelette, I asked Stefano Catenacci, the head chef of Operakällaren, to teach me how to make one properly.”

Following All Blues’ penchant for sculptural, dynamic jewelry in recycled sterling silver and gold, Ruined Omelette features earrings in the shape of a spilled egg, eggshells, gold studs (representing the yolk), and pendant necklaces. 


Built on a multidisciplinary approach to packaging, campaign and retail experience, the principle behind All Blues is to create luxury jewelry people want to collect. Their previous collections follow the same foundation of creative and unusual inspiration. ‘Hungry and Satiated Snakes,’ which features hoop earrings and twisted rings, was inspired by the various shapes of a snake’s stomach, while ‘Marianne,’ was influenced by co-founder Fredrik Nathorst’s grandmother. In 1961, she bought a necklace made of 37 amber stones in Israel. In 2016 she passed away, wishing for neither her body nor belongings to end up forgotten in a box, but rather spread with the wind. Nathorst’s homage to this wish was to make 37 earrings, each baring one of the stones from the necklace. Each piece and collection tells a story, with hope that their creations will continue to carry on the same stories they were inspired by.

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