Photography by Sally Griffiths

Photography by Sally Griffiths


CAP beauty

CAP Beauty founders Cindy DiPrima and Kerrilynn Pamer reveal their morning and evening beauty routines.

CAP Beauty, a pink-walled, rose-quartz-floor lined beauty oasis located in New York’s West Village, is more than a store. Since opening in early 2015 it has become a beauty destination, offering an array of luxurious, organic beauty products and spa treatments. The walls are filled with beautifully bottled elixirs tucked amongst flowers and bowls of prettily packaged chocolates, counting cult-loved brands such as Vintner’s Daughter, May Lindstrom, Tata Harper, and In Fiore as best-sellers. Originally an online-only destination, CAP was created by Kerrilynn Pamer and Cindy DiPrima, friends who met whilst working at Martha Stewart Living. Pamer, who previously owned a clothing store called Castor & Pollux, turned to all-natural beauty and clean living after discovering she had Celiac disease. While DiPrima, who still works as a freelance prop stylist, switched to a cleaner lifestyle after her mother lost her battle with cancer. Their take on an all-natural lifestyle however, is more Gucci than granola. Pamer and DiPrima scour the industry looking for the best out there, vetting each of the products and brands stocked in the store. They have also created their own in-house line of products, including a matcha tea, oil, facial spray, coconut butter, and most recently, a pink mountain salt.

 Here, the pair reveal their morning and evening beauty rituals. 



the rituals: 

The first thing I do when I wake up is 22 minutes of transcendental meditation, and then a quick warm, cold, warm rinse of my face. Sometimes I listen to mantras. Then I make a big pot of tea and herbs, the ubiquitous avocado toast, then a long walk in the park with my husband and chihuahua. 

The regimen:

My routine is much more labor intensive at night so I like to assess my skin in the morning and see how it's feeling and what it needs. This is a conversation we have with clients a lot at CAP, we ask them to check in with their skin and see how it's feeling and ask it what it needs. No one knows your skin better than you so we want to empower people to understand and listen to what their skin needs. With that being said, my rinse is really the only part that stays the same. From there I usually apply my In Fiore Calme Oil mixed with either May Lindstrom's Jasmine Garden or Tata Harper's Hydrating Floral Essence and do a minute or so of massage. Then I apply the W3LL PEOPLE Narcissist stick to even out my skin and a bit of Kjaer Weis Goddess Lip Tint

Breakfast recipe:

After my beauty routine I head into the kitchen where my internal beauty routine begins. I start with The Beauty Chef Glow mixed with Antioxidant Boost in a big glass of purified water. Then I add whatever herbs I'm working with (lately I'm loving Reishi, Mucuna Pruriens, He Shou Wu, Tocos, Astragalus) to the Vitamix with Seed Milk, Coconut Butter, Himalayan Pink Salt, Matcha and water. Then a bit of breakfast—usually a green smoothie—and I'm ready for my day.




 Lipsky-Karasz's grandmother in Thailand
  Lipsky-Karasz's grandmother  in Cambodia

Lipsky-Karasz's grandmother in Cambodia




 Andrea Lipsky-Karasz

Andrea Lipsky-Karasz


The Regimen:

Nighttime is the main event for me when it comes to skincare. I like to get it done early so all the active products have more time to work. Plus, then I won't get too tired to really do it. If I take the time in the evening, mornings can be fast and simple.

Normally I cleanse with Tata Harper's Regenerating Cleanser. It's a cream cleanser that's mixed with ground apricot kernels so it's lightly exfoliating. I think it's perfect. If I'm particularly congested or wearing makeup I also do an oil cleanse. I love In Fiore's Lustra or Elizabeth Dehn's Vitamin B cleanser for that. I try to oil cleanse at least once or twice a week because the massage is so great for toning, lifting, and purifying the skin. After an oil cleanse, I follow up with a cream cleanser. It's a process called "double cleansing" and it really purifies without stripping the skin.

I'm obsessed with hydrosols. It's my favorite part of the process, so after I cleanse I mist with May Lindstrom's Jasmine Garden or use The Beauty Chef's Probiotic Skin Refiner. I really like to pile on the products at night. I mix a nourishing face oil like Vintner's Daughter or In Fiore's Calendula Oil with a water based serum (or two!) and a bit more hydrosol as well. I mix everything in the palm of my hand first and then apply. I need very active and exfoliating products, so for my serums I like In Fiore's Soleil Fleur and Lucense. They both target sun damage and hyperpigmentation. Soleil Fleur even helps to boost the skin's own sun defenses. Finally, I love to add in a little Silica gel. Also from In Fiore, it's back bar only, so I sweet-talk the estheticians at CAP for it! Our facialists use it in many of our treatments.


My kids rule the evening. We read, play a board game, do homework or an art project and sometimes practice yoga poses. Once they're asleep, I make dinner for my husband and me. It's usually a big salad plus something yummy like chickpea flour crepes. He's a wine distributor so a glass of something good may happen too! We eat at the coffee table and talk. Then a movie and I'm out.


I make a bedtime tonic or just have a second glass of wine! My tonic drink is made with astragalus, ashwaganda and Cordyceps. I blend them in hot water with our coconut butter and tocotrienols then froth it with an aerolatte. It's like an earthy delicious latte. Ideally, 10pm is my bedtime but it’s more like 11.