The newest beauty trend isn't hippy dippy woo woo magic. These days crystals are used in facials, massage, and as ingredients in beauty products. Prepare to become a convert.

Backstage before one of her bi-yearly fashion shows, Victoria Beckham always has her crystals close by. The designer favors pink quartz and tourmaline, has said she always carries them with her, and keeps them in her bathroom to dispel negative energy. Model Miranda Kerr is also a huge fan, and Angelina Jolie, Stevie Knicks and Naomi Campbell all speak about their crystal practices.

They’re also making a splash in the beauty world. Crystals are showing up in beauty products, facialist’s offices, and in chic new spas and stores across the country. Traditionally used for their healing properties and as tools and talismans, crystal use dates back to ancient Egypt and China, where lapis lazuli, malachite, and red jasper were thought to pull disease from the body, and jade was used for its calming and anti-inflammatory properties in beauty routines. Often thought to be too “new-agey” and hippie, crystals are now entering a stylish new era. 


 "from the outside crystals are quite ordinary.      But once broken open, they are exquisite, like     us. The more we work with them the more they     reveal their ancient information."

 The Now

The Now


The Now—A new concept in massage.


Los Angeles is known for its altruistic healing remedies and all-natural approach to life, but recently a slew of new stores that embrace both hippie-era practices and chic interiors have opened up. Among them is The Now, a new concept in massage that recently opened in West Hollywood. Founders Erica Malbon and Gara Post set out to create a space that connects closely with nature (it’s plant filled with lots of light), and are huge believers in the healing power of crystals. Crystals are incorporated into various elements in the space to encourage healing—dream catchers hang on the walls and selenite votive holders are placed throughout (selenite are high vibration crystals that also deliver clarity of mind by cleansing the aura of negative energy build up). They’re also launching new Jasmine Cocoa candles which feature quartz crystals in their packaging, in addition to crystal wrapped jasmine.

The Now


Negin Niknejad has been practicing as a facialist for 10 years. Unlike a traditional facialist however, she also practices reiki, studied Ayurveda and meditation, and uses only 100% organic, hand-mixed products in her facials. If it’s good enough to eat, then it goes on your skin. She also uses crystals. “I've always gravitated towards rocks and crystals. My name means 'precious stones' in Farsi. From the outside crystals are quite ordinary. But once broken open, they are exquisite, like us. The more we work with them the more they reveal their ancient information,” she says. Each crystal is hand-picked by Niknejad, and placed on chakras (an energy point or line that runs through the body), then left to rest while masks and serums are applied. Other stones, such as jade—known for its cooling, calming, and anti-inflammatory properties—are used in a lymphatic draining massage. "I can't really explain exactly why I do some of the things I do in my healing facials, except when I am called to do something, no matter how strange it may seem, I will follow it because that is the voice of intuition guiding me,” says Nikenjad.

JustBe Skincare


In addition to the physical healing actions of crystals, they can also benefit the body through inclusion in beauty products. Another LA outpost, Moon Juice, is beloved for its ‘dusts’—powders that contain vitamins, minerals, and in some cases, crystals. The Beauty Dust contains Goji berries, Rehmannia, and pearl (a potent antioxidant), all of which aid glowing supple skin and shiny hair.

Shiva Rose, an all-natural line of beauty products created in the hills of California, includes crystals in most of its products. The Venus Amber Body Oil contains rose and amber essential oils and rose quartz crystals, which infuse the oil with properties of love, peace, and tranquility.


carry crystals with you to experience their healing power at all times of the day.


It’s no surprise that the stone with the word rose in its name and a light pink tint is the stone of love. The Rose Quartz links directly to the heart chakra and is related to relationships, whether they be romantic, family related, or internal. This stone makes one more attuned to inner beauty in addition to the beauty in the world. It is connected to femininity and motherhood, and emits comfort and soothing qualities in order to dispel stress.

If Rose Quartz is related to femininity, then this stone is its male counterpart. Friendship is a key component to the stone’s protecting abilities. Healing aspects include self-acceptance and the release of regrets. Turquoise is also linked to luck, success, creativity, and ambition.

Jade is referred to as the Dream stone, which is the reason why it has a close connection to creativity and new love. However, the stone has a more stable side, which involves fidelity and protection. It also has purifying and calming properties used for healing.

The pearl is a stone that refuses to just sit there and look pretty. It is imbued with certain values and abilities, such as purity, innocence, and truth. The pearl is also known to have balancing and calming attributes that help in attaining wisdom and truth.

Amethyst is all about focus. The stone’s ability to enhance one’s meditative state and calm the mind can lead to some impressive accomplishments. These aspects of the stone lead to creative achievements and even overcoming addiction. This may also be achievable due to the stone’s property of purifying negative energy. Amethyst can also enhance one’s psychic powers.

Being a gift from Mother Earth, Clear Quartz lives up to its origins. It has the ability to manipulate energy by focusing, amplifying, storing, and transforming. In addition to its earthly uses, Clear Quartz also opens the spirit realm and can help with memory. It can even enhance the abilities of other crystals.