Photography by Sally Griffiths.

Photography by Sally Griffiths.





F.Miller: The skincare line synonymous with fresh faced beauty and clear skin—and a shy but striking (in the Mona Lisa sense of the word) creator, Fran. Her raison d’être: “to simplify the daily routine without ever sacrificing luxury or compromising on pure, clean botanical ingredients.” It’s a hefty call for a small brand based out of Toronto, but one that Miller has devoted her career (and two years of initial research), to make happen.

Launched in 2014 with one beauty oil simply labeled "Face Oil," Miller’s collection has garnered widespread approval without the fanfare one typically associates with success. There's been no big splash or push for press. Instead, Miller’s minimally packaged, beautiful products are appearing in bathrooms doing the thing that truly good products do—speaking for themselves. Packaged in pretty glass bottles with white labels that read "F.Miller" along with a product name, each of the nine understated products available has been created according to its specific benefits. These are not designed to clutter your counter; they are carefully considered, researched, and trialled before production begins. Miller began with a focus on quality and effective ingredients, combining them to make truly skin-changing products. A mantra she continues to live by.

Above: Fran wears a Simon Miller dress and Efva Attling earrings.

  Photography by Sally Griffiths.

To meet Miller is to understand that her products are popular for a reason. Her own skin speaks quiet volumes of a quality ingredient list. She doesn’t wear a speck of makeup, and her dewy, poreless complexion is enviable. We often seek to create what we embody, and with her line Miller has done just that. She’s always been interested in beauty. "I remember emptying my mother's Lancôme creams all over my body at the age of 5," she says. But as a longtime acne sufferer, she had no luck with the lotions and treatments prescribed to her. So, she spent two years researching and learning more about the ingredients she was putting on her skin, to determine what she should actually be using. The result was a focus on natural and essential oils, combined to create a concoction that addressed most skin concerns: acne, dehydration, inflammation, and fine lines. 

Fran Miller

At just 5”3, Miller is softly spoken with a laid back sense of style. She favors minimal clothing with statement elements that make a difference, like a billowing sleeve or a bold color. She recently chose a vintage Jil Sander blazer (worn above) for its boxy shape and modern check print. When Miller speaks, it’s with purpose. Her thoughts are considered and delivered with sincerity—the same could be said of her products. The innocuous face oil is light and quickly absorbed—you would never think that it was packed with 15 different botanical oils and herbal extracts. Her recently released oil cleanser calms skin instantly thanks to added rose geranium, and it nourishes while cleansing because of jojoba and rice bran. Miller's favorite new product, The Eye Treatment Oil, took over two years to make and is unlike anything on the market. "It soothes, hydrates and highlights making it the perfect multi-use travel item," she says. 


"To simplify the daily routine without ever sacrificing luxury or compromising on pure, clean, botanical ingredients."

  Photography by Sally Griffiths.

Shot on location at Autumn PR (with special thanks).