Photography by Jake Jones

hudson, NY

Your next weekend getaway.

OCCASIONALLY, the most indulgent part of New York City is leaving it. While the city has more than enough on offer, escaping Upstate is at times a necessary part of being a Manhattanite. Located only two and a half hours away by train or car, Hudson, a small town nestled snuggly alongside the Hudson River, has quickly become a go-to weekend destination. From new hotels, stores, and restaurants popping up all along Warren Street to the best spots for vintage, PROFYLES showcases where to stay, sip, and savor.

 Photography by Jake Jones


WM Farmer & Sons

Newly re-furbished, WM Farmer & Sons is the quintessential inn/hotel you’ve always wanted to find but likely never discovered. Each room is whimsically decorated with different, hand-sourced objects, and most include a couch and fireplace to cozy up to on chilly evenings. The bathroom is stocked with locally made beauty products, and the refrigerator (as most rooms come with kitchenettes), contains glass bottles of fresh milk. It also boasts an incredible restaurant, Barroom—all the food is made from local, farm grown ingredients—bar, and coffee shop.


Rivertown Lodge

There are plenty of places to drink in Hudson (Farmer & Sons makes a great cocktail), but the newly opened Rivertown Lodge also boasts a cozy bar and seating area. The Lodge also offers accommodation, but an evening spent sipping wine next to their fire is a treat.




Besides the locally grown produce and dozens of restaurants and cafés available there are a few spots that must be visited. Grazin’, located in an old diner at the top end of Warren Street, looks like it’s straight out of the ‘50s but is actually a burger-focused restaurant that sources all of its ingredients—from the meat to the bacon to the cheese—from their farm close by. Our tip: Always ask what’s on special and order a milkshake as dessert. This alone is worth leaving the city for.

Ludovica and Ginevra Fagioli as children.


Five and Diamond & Discipline Park

Upstate New York is full of vintage wares, from clothing and accessories to furniture, and Hudson is no exception. Consider this your mecca for vintage and perfect country cabin-ready furniture. Every second store is full of furniture wares, and a few stock some well-priced and well-sourced clothes. For the best options, be sure to stop by Five and Diamond and Discipline Park, conveniently located across the street from each other.