Flower trend: Anthuriums

Instagram is an ideal barometer for spotting trends. From the latest restaurant to the new It-shoe, spotting something across multiple accounts is sure to solidify it as a trend du jour. Case in point: the newest favorite flower of seemingly every florist, the anthurium. Beloved by florists such as BRRCH, Putnam & Putnam and Fox Fodder Farm, it's a little alien in its appearance, and looks almost like a lily. "Anthuriums are amazing because they immediately add an architectural and structural element to any arrangement," says Fox Fodder Farm's Taylor Patterson. "I love the contrast that comes from mixing them with softer or even weedier elements. The juxtaposition of textures is really interesting." 

They're also the perfect addition to any arrangement that needs a little boldness. "Anthuriums provide an interesting contrast to the soft, romantic, textural florals that Saipua gravitates towards. They add a masculine, structural moment, grounding what can be gratuitously romantic, ephemeral, wispy flowers," comments Brooklyn-based florist Saipua's founding director, Sarah Ryhanen. Add them to your bouquet. 

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Lady Grey x Fox Fodder Farm

The brooch may conjure thoughts of your grandmother’s Sunday best, but these days it’s so much more chic. Take Alessandro Michele’s flower brooches at Gucci, which feel more decorative than over-the-top, and imbued a sense of whimsy. Now, jewelry label Lady Grey has partnered with Brooklyn-based florist Fox Fodder Farm on a pair of brooches intended to be filled with real flowers. Custom-filled by Fox Fodder Farm, the brooches can be delivered anywhere in New York, each possessing its own unique flower. “We're obsessed with brooches in general lately because they bring an entirely different element to adornment and accessorizing that no other piece of jewelry can,” says Lady Grey designers Jill Martinelli and Sabine Le Guyader. “We really wanted to explore working with flowers as wearable pieces; there's something so luxurious about the ephemeral quality of the flower and its momentary existence, in contrast with the hardness of the sleek metal brooch.” And when the flower is long gone, consider your brooch a useful accessory.

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