J.Hannah nail polish collection

Subtlety is indeed an art, and no one has mastered it quite like LA-based jewelry designer Jess Hannah, whose new collection of carefully-edited, high-quality polishes are a testament to the allure of understated chic.

Far from basic, Hannah created lacquers that carefully consider the gracefulness of hands and the role of subtle color as an element in a considered wardrobe. Inspired by artists’ palettes and natural elements, the line is comprised of eleven seductively muted colors (all polishes are seven-free, highly-pigmented, not tested on animals and made in the USA). Much like her sleek and modern jewelry, J. Hannah’s nail polish line is exceptionally-crafted and evokes the idea of timelessness. The hues are not season-specific or trend-driven, but are created with everyday wear in mind.

J. Hannah Nail Polish, $19 each

-Written by Sofia Sosunov

Balmyard Beauty

Take one heady breath of Balmyard Beauty’s Romantic Call body oil, and you’ll instantly be transported to an island paradise, where wild jasmine blows on a warm ocean breeze and sweet summer roses nod their heads in your direction. The newly launched, all-natural beauty line is the creation of casting director Larissa Gunn, whose cool style and barefaced beauty make you want to steal whatever beauty products she’s got stashed in her bag. After falling in love with the Caribbean (particularly Jamaica), Gunn set about blending two passions—her love for the laid back and all-natural lifestyle the island is infamous for, and feel-good beauty products that invoke an ‘I’m still on holiday” feeling. The result was a five-piece skin-care line named for the Jamaican neighborhood apothecaries that dispense spiritual and physical remedies. Ingredients are sourced locally whenever possible, and each brings its own Jamaican flavor (and healing property). The hibiscus in the Baby Love Balm, a lip-and-cheek-tint, supplies the plum-colored pigment, while the Moonlight Lover Facial Oil features prickly pear seed, rosehip seed, and sea buckthorn oils. Then there are the Bush Baths—two muslin encased concoctions that blend local herbs and flora to detox the body and even the skin tone. All-natural never looked so good.


Christine Whitney/Violet Grey

Violet Grey is known for its impeccable selection of beauty products, insider access to Hollywood’s most celebrated starlets, and some of the most lauded beauty editorial in the business. Christine Whitney, the Editorial Director behind the site’s infamous ‘Violet Files,’ is instrumental in creating said stories, shedding light on Emilia Clarke’s favorite beauty arsenal and chatting with makeup artist Dick Page about his best-kept secrets. Here, the California-based beauty editor shares six of her favorite new beauty products, and why you should love them too.





Serge Lutens Water Lip Color

We have trouble keeping this in stock at VIOLET GREY because it’s just so good. I hate the feeling of lipstick so a water-based stain is much more my speed—and this color looks great on everyone.




ZIIP Beauty

Everyone at the office is obsessed with this handheld nano current device which makes your skin feel amazing and look fresh and luminous, whether your goal is to take down fine lines or clear up a breakout. My goal for the New Year is to use mine three times a week, which is recommended for best results.






Pai Bioregenerate Rosehip Oil

 Our beauty editor Jayme Cyk turned me on to this amazing all-natural, super concentrated rosehip oil. It works wonders—think antiaging, moisturizing, soothing—and leaves my sensitive skin glowing.





 Yves Durif Brush

This resin, Italian-made brush is just very attractive and feels great on the scalp. You can use it on wet or dry hair and display it proudly on your vanity. I would have put it on my wedding registry if it were socially acceptable.






Byredo Loose Lips Candle

VIOLET GREY’s founder Cassandra likes to say that “There are candles, and there are candles.” This one is clearly one of the candles. It’s extremely chic and smells faintly (and seductively) of lipstick. I even put it on my wedding registry!







Chantecaille Faux Cils Mascara

This mascara glides on smoothly and has the extra benefit of actually making your lashes grow—no extensions required.


Marie Veronique

Marie Veronique’s latest offering—a collaboration with skin care specialist Kristina Holey—does exactly what you want all beauty products to do: Deliver the ingredients your skin is lacking in order to make it luminous, dewy, plump, and blemish/line-free. And while that might sound like beauty fiction, Veronique’s newest formulas come close to achieving it. The pair’s goal was to create a product line that repaired the skin’s “barrier” level (AKA, the top layer of skin that deals daily with pollution, air conditioning, and other environmental factors). The hero of the line is the Barrier Restore Serum, which, like all three products, was created to address inflammation (the biggest cause of acne, dermatitis, and aging). Its most important task is to protect against moisture loss (excellent for those who work in windowless offices or deal with New York-cold temperatures), while the Intensive Repair Serum addresses stubborn breakouts by supporting the microbiome of the skin and gently clearing congestion (use it at night!).

Like all of Marie Veronique’s products—which aim to rebalance and restore your skin to its most comfortable and happy place—her latest collaboration does just that. Consider it the ‘not-skincare skin helper.’

Buy the line here.

David Mallett hair salon

David Mallett's client list reads like a who's who of the fashion world. From editors to designers, the Australian-born, Paris-based hair stylist's salon is constantly filled with stylish somethings all looking (and getting), the perfect haircut. Mallett is the kind of hairdresser that takes the idea of what you want, and then makes it that much better. The perfect shaggy French girl hair? He's nailed it.

This month, Mallett is opening his second outpost at the newly refurbished Hôtel Ritz Paris. While his first salon features tall windows and a white mounted peacock, the Ritz space is done in shades of beige, stacked with vintage Louis Vuitton trunks and tall, willowy white orchids. His line of namesake hair products is also on offer, including his new revolutionary volume powder. Available in an easily transportable bottle, it puffs up into air like baby powder, adding instant body and lift to even the most silky, flat-lying locks.

David Mallett Salon, Hôtel Ritz Paris, 15 Place Vendôme, 75001 Paris, France

Binu Binu soaps

As a young girl, Karen Kim would experience traditional Korean baths given by her grandmother. The process involved plenty of vigorous scrubbing—an intensely exfoliating experience that requires a strong hand and a good dose of determination. The baths left an impression on Kim, who earlier this year launched a line of soaps inspired by the traditional Korean process. Named Binu Binu (binu means bath in Korean), the line is comprised of six, all-natural bars made from a base of boricha—a barley tea that’s prized for its detoxifying powers—and nourishing oils (olive, coconut, sweet almond, caster), butters and clays. Each soap is inspired by strong female characters, and includes ingredients with specialized and effective ingredients. Most recently, she added a cleansing balm, gel body scrub, and lip conditioner. Fragrance free and made in small batches by hand, they encourage the simple and ritualistic pleasure of cleansing.

Buy them here.

Kjaer Weis lipsticks

According to the French, there's no easier way to transform yourself than with a quick swipe of lipstick. The tricky bit? Finding the right formula—and shade—that will conjure up your inner French girl. Kjaer Weis' newly launched lipstick collection (and a first for the 100% organic beauty label) is offering five new shades that deliver both sumptuous color and luxurious formula. Made from shea butter and rosehip and jojoba oils to keep lips moisturized, they also deepen in hue when ingredients come into contact with the warmth of your pout.

Kjaer Weis lipsticks, $56

Grown Alchemist Beauty

Peruse any stylishly-inclined restaurant, cafe, or friends apartment, and chances are you'll find a black or deep brown pump bottle emblazoned with the name 'Grown Alchemist.' The organic beauty brand is beloved for their use of botanical ingredients and beautiful packaging, which extends from skincare to body care to recently launched, haircare.

Bottled in stark white pumps, there are five shampoo and conditioner sets available, ranging from Anti-Frizz, Volumizing, Detox, Strengthening and Color Protect. And as usual, there are plenty of unique ingredients included to protect, nourish, and strengthen your hair. Think lycopene from bush tomato, which strengthens whilst hydrating, or calendula, which protects and soothes hair. Consider them both a healthy—and chic—option for your bathroom.

Jin Soon Nail Salon Tribeca

Jin Soon is an industry veteran. She's created nail looks for Vogue Italia and Prada, worked on multiple shows at fashion week, and in 2013 launched her own line of nail lacquers. Now, the entrepreneur has added a new salon to her list (she already boasts New York-based locations in the West Village, Lower East Side ,and Uptown) in TriBeCa. The new space is a nail aficionado's paradise. Bedecked in white with a wavy, wooden statement wall and lofty high ceilings, Soon's polishes are stacked alongside fashion favorites such as Dior, Marc Jacobs, and Essie. A low, long table allows for simultaneous toe and nail drying whilst multiple outlets make phone charging easy. Finally, a destination as chic as the impeccable nail service it provides.

Jin Soon Tribeca, 37 Walker St, New York

Linda Rodin releases new Rodin products

Linda Rodin, the founder of luxe, cult-loved beauty label Rodin, is known for her impeccable style, her poodle and constant companion Winky, and her signature round Linda Farrow sunglasses. Occasionally the lens of said glasses are rose tinted, but the morning she debuts her new face and body oil her lens are a muted lavender in honor of the new scent. "I used to wear lavender so much that my boyfriend called me Lavender Lee," says Rodin. 

Lavender marks the second scent released by the beauty entrepreneur, and only came about after months of searching for a lavender that was just right. Developed with Brooklyn-based perfumery D.S. & Durga, the formula combines Bulgarian lavender stems and French lavender absolute, and is subtle enough that it doesn't smell like the lavender essential oils of yesteryear. 

Available here.

RAAW in a Jar

RAAW in a Jar began like many other great inventions, out of necessity. Creator Trice Angie Christiansen found herself breaking out from almost every beauty product in her arsenal, so she switched to 100% organic rose hip oil. After experimenting with a bunch of all-natural ingredients to create creams and oils she could actually use, she developed a few different products and handed them out to her friends, realizing she had cultivated some converts. Upon meeting the chicly dressed founder with perfect skin (she doesn't wear any makeup), it's clear there's something in the oil. Her latest collection is focused on algae, and contains nutrient-rich seaweed harvested in France. Including eye cream, moisturizer, hand and body wash and body cream, the range harnesses the algae's potent antioxidants for clearer, brighter and healthier skin.

Buy some RAAW in a Jar here. 

Root Science beauty/skincare label

The beauty industry has been touting the benefits of organic products for years, but never has the boom of chic, pretty-on-your-vanity yet effective skincare been so big The latest to join the ranks is Root Science, a line with not only one, but four serums (amidst a bunch of other, beautifully created products)

Launched in 2016, the line was created by Gígja Hlín when her sister, a longtime acne sufferer, couldn't find anything that worked for her skin. She tried all-natural alternatives and prescription treatments, but her skin wouldn't heal. It was then that Hlín set out to research the most effective, organic and holistic ingredients available in order to create her line. Inspired by her native Iceland, Hlín turned her discoveries into a serum (Youth), which helped to heal her skin. Shortly thereafter, Root Science was born. With a focus on no-nonsense products that actually work, the line offers four different serums, aptly named to address different skin concerns. There's a also a polish (exfoliator), mask, eye serum, and cleansing bar (a face mist is in the works). Founded in Iceland and made in California, it's perfect for skin everywhere.

Buy it now.

Prickly Pear Beauty Trend

The natural beauty trend is in full bloom and the prickly pear, which is (surprisingly!) a cactus, is the latest must-have ingredient. The prickly pear, which is most commonly used in serums and moisturizers, offers moisturizing and regenerating benefits and neutralizes complexions. KYPRIS and Kahina Giving Beauty are two natural beauty brands that are taking advantage of what the prickly pear has to offer.

De Mamiel's Summer Facial Oil (the brand created an oil for each season), is intended to add a heady dose of radiance to your skin. A blend of antioxidant-rich aromatic oils and flower essences (the essential prickly pear), delivers an intense dose of nutrients to your face.

Harvested in Arizona, KYPRIS uses the prickly pear in their Body Elixir: Inflorescence because of its high levels of amino acids and vitamin E, which rejuvenate the skin. This bottle not only holds the magical properties of the prickly pear, but is also home to 11 other active natural ingredients including sunflower and vitamin C ester, a compound known to boost collagen (it’s like a garden of youth for your face).

Kahina Giving Beauty has the mantra, “reveal beauty”, which is exactly what their Prickly Pear Seed Oil achieves. The vitamin K and essential fatty acids that are found in the prickly pear help to reduce the effects of aging and accomplishes the impossible feat of brightening under eye circles. It’s time to give your skin some much-needed botanical love. 

Add these products to your shelf: KYPRISKahina Giving Beauty, and De Mamiel

- Written by Scout Sabo

Sangre de Fruta beauty line

The first thing you notice about Sangre de Fruta is the packaging. Nestled amongst the packaging are sleek, shiny black bottles with white labels inscribed in old style script, like a bottle of decadent oil from a boutique store in Italy. A small booklet accompanies the products, describing what each is for, the ingredients, and the effects it has on your skin, body, and spirit.

The hand crafted, 100% organic line is hand bottled in Canada in small batches by founder Allison Audrey Weldon, who sought to create a line of products that embraced and celebrated the natural world. Previously a yoga instructor and restauranteur, she was inspired by ancient Egyptian and Greek beauty regimens (which were both effective, and luxuriously indulgent. The line is comprised of water-free formulations made of locally sourced, organic and wild-crafted plant-based ingredients. The brand’s focus is on texture - featuring a signature whipped-butter consistency - and the scent of natural perfumery.

Not only are Weldon's products standouts on your vanity, their scent and potency is incredibly effective. In the end, she says it best: "Our 'Trust your beauty’ motto comes from the simple but wise idea that you glow and radiate beauty when you’re happy. Instead of focusing on wrinkles or aging, we focus on pleasure and joy."

Enjoy it now.

Heyday Spa

Heyday facial shop (they don’t like to call themselves a spa), believes that looking after your skin should should be as easy and essential as brushing your teeth. They also believe that a facial shouldn’t be hard to fit into your routine, shouldn’t be expensive, and shouldn’t be a hassle to organize. Which is why their New York-based location, a clean, chic space located near the Flatiron, offers $100 facials that are fast, effective, and gentle enough to receive once a month.

Instead of confusing, complicated treatment options the menu is simple, split into three time groups (30, 50 and 75 minutes), all of which include a procedure that follows suit: Cleanse + Analyze, Exfoliate+ Purify, Treat + Hydrate. Think of it as the Seamless of facials. You can book through an app, the salon is open for longer hours, and you’re automatically offered a recharger and a cosy chair. 

Book a facial now.

Glossier New Balm Dot Com Flavors

To describe the cult following that is Glossier, you have to first understand their ethos. The products are pretty and provide fantastic results, yet still easily fit into the fashion-forward, beauty-loving girl’s budget. In addition to the two best selling Balm Dotcom skin salves (the original and a coconut flavor), the brand is launching three new scents this month: rose, cherry, and mint. Featuring cool new packaging like contrasting colored lids, each balm has a soft, delicious scent (not much of a flavor), and still goes on clear. Consider collecting all three.

Buy them here. 

Vegan Beauty: Lilfox, Mullein & Sparrow, French Girl Organics

Luxury, all-natural beauty products are having a moment in the sun, but there’s a new frontier in the organic beauty world: vegan beauty. With the rise of brands like May Lindstrom, Vintner’s Daughter and Tata Harper, there’s a slew of organic beauty labels taking it one step further. Take Mullein & Sparrow, a Brookyn-based label that specializes in creating vegan, 100% organic beauty products that work to heal and improve skin. Their lavender facial mist and facial steam (a dreamy package of dried wildflowers), and a new trio of serums are favorites from the label. French Girl organics is another new label whose beautiful packaging will ensure you leave the products out on your vanity. Created by Kristeen Griffin-Grimes, French Girl was born from a quest to create beautiful, organic products that are made from natural and wild origins. Griffin-Grimes’ unique background as a herbalist, creator (she also knits and crochets), and adventurer has culminated in a brand for every girl. Lastly is LilFox, created by Miami-based Alexis Rose. A certified aromatherapist and essential oil educator, she set out to create a line of products infused with her passion for the healing properties of exotic elements, including wild crafted and organic plant essential oils, delicate hydrosols and magical crystals. It also includes botanical extracts, exotic virgin oils, unrefined plant butters, mineral rich clays and Earth's crystals, and smells good enough to eat (seriously).

Buy Lilfox, Mullein & Sparrow , and French Girl Organics

Vintner's Daughter

It’s been called a miracle oil, an anointment oil, and ‘the oil to end all oils,’ and is on the must-try list of beauty editors everywhere. Made from 22 essential oils, Vintner’s Daughter is an active facial oil with multi-correctional attributes and the effects of a super serum—and it's a game changer for your skin. Created by April Gargiulo, Vintner’s Daughter was a labour of love. With a background in fine winemaking (she likens the process of creating a facial oil to making vino), she set out to create an oil that only contained the finest ingredients, and ones that actually work for your skin. Developing the formula took two years, but the result is a cult loved serum that continually sells out. With a velvety finish (it absorbs quickly into skin), the oil is packaged more as a serum,( in that you can use it day and night). It’s also suitable for acne prone skin, smells like a flower filled garden in the height of spring, and feels insanely luxurious when you pat it onto your skin (the application process is equally as important).

Own a bottle.

Blackstones New Salon at The Roxy

Joey Silvestera’s first hair salon, East Village-based Blackstones, attracts all the cool kids (his clientele includes Chloë Sevigny, Alexander Wang, and Leigh Lezark). Now, he’s opening up a new salon in the Roxy Hotel (formerly known as the Tribeca Grand) with a very different aesthetic. Where his first space was “barbershop hipster,’ complete with mounted animals that reflected his past career as a taxidermist, his new locale feels like stepping into a Parisian bathroom. Marble runs throughout the five chair space, and brass and hunter green accents feel trés chic. His signature haircare line Five Wits also got a facelift, with sleek new labeling and a delicious scent (you’ll feel like you just returned from a beautiful spa after shampooing). The real magic though, lies in Silvestera’s (and his staff’s), cutting style. Cuts are more organic, with stylists working with your natural hair texture and hair dreams to achieve a look that’s instant second day perfection. That new lob you’ve been dying to get? This is the place to do it.

Visit the salon.

Sisley at The Carlyle

The Carlyle is infamous for its high teas, Bemelmans Bar (where Woody Allen regularly plays jazz), and its chic uptown clientele. Now it has another star to boast about: the new Sisley spa. Opening this May, the spa is Sisley’s first North America outpost. The brand's beloved French products will be used in all treatments (their Black Rose Facial oil is cult-loved for a reason), and a new program of phyto-cosmetology treatments including a series of phyto-aromatic facials (which use the beautiful scent of essential oils as part of the facial).

Part of every good spa experience is the atmosphere, and Sisley’s new refurbishment is luxury personified. Consider this a place you know you’ll be pampered—and then want to move into.

Visit The Carlyle