Joan Juliet Buck- The Price of Illusion

Joan Juliet Buck has a storied history. The lauded writer is the only American to have been editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris, she has contributed to every major publication across the globe, and she spent most of her youth gallivanting with fashion icons like Manolo Blahnik, Antonio Lopez, Lauren Bacall and celebrities like childhood friend Anjelica Huston. Known for her intimate yet worldly perspective, she is beloved for her writing yet has also had her own fair share of personal and professional catastrophes. Now, she’s sharing it all in a new memoir titled, ‘The Price of Illusion.’ Throughout the tome, Buck recounts her almost unbelievable and incredible life. She had dalliances with movie stars and famous authors, wed in a mauve wedding dress designed by Karl Lagerfeld and pursued adventures across the world. She was also thrust unknowingly into rehab and during her early thirties, witnessed the quick succession of AIDS. As intimate as a letter from a best friend, Buck draws you into her world with an instant intimacy, where you’ll happily spend hours engrossed in her enthralling tale.

Grace Coddington book

When Grace Coddington first appeared in the 2009 documentary 'The September Issue,' the fashion industry was already well aware of her talent and legendary work. And while the film shined light on many of the Vogue staffers, it was Coddington who became the leading star. She was hilariously honest, incredibly creative, and displayed her true passion for clothes and the extraordinary worlds that they can create with aplomb. She has served as fashion editor and creative director at Vogue for over 15 years, and over that period created some of the most iconic fashion images we love today. This month in honor of that work, Phaidon releases a new tome titled, Grace: The American Vogue Years, which showcases her most memorable shoots from her tenor at the publication. There are already a few books published about Coddington and her legacy, but none that displays her work so beautifully.

Grace: The American Vogue Years, $175,

Louise Dahl-Wolfe

Although the fashion industry has—for a long time—been populated with mostly male photographers, there are some female pioneers who have set the tone for generations to come. Case in point: Louise Dahl-Wolfe. This iconic photographer is most well known for her work with Diana Vreeland at Harper’s BAZAAR (she spent two decades working alongside the legendary editor-in-chief), but her talent went far beyond fashion photography. Her modernist shots of models placed around the world showed off her preference for dynamic light and interplay between shadows—they often appeared quite graphic—but her portraiture was equally as beautiful.

As an ode to the photographer’s legacy, the Aperture Foundation has released a new book showcasing the best of her work (with over 137 images). Her inspiring images, ranging from models to housewives, continue to enrapture.

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Pat Cleveland Memoir: Walking with the Muses

Pat Cleveland’s prodigious career is the stuff of fairy tales. A prominent model of the ‘60s and ‘70s, where she got her start in the industry after a Vogue editor spotted her on the subway, she is both model and modeling agency owner, fashion icon, and even had a brief stint as a designer.

In honor of her years in the crazy world of fashion, Cleveland has released a memoir detailing her years spent strutting the catwalk. Titled, “Walking with the Muses,” Cleveland celebrated with a 1920’s themed party at the Jane hotel in New York City, where models pranced around in banana costumes and intricately coifed hair (by Bumble & Bumble).

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Monse Travel Guide

Living in New York is akin to living in a dream—anything can happen, and quite frequently does. There's also one thing that almost everyone in New York agrees upon: sometimes you have to leave the city in order to best enjoy it.

As such, there are plenty of places to go and plenty of people with wonderful suggestions. Two of those are Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia, the designers behind Monse, a two-season year old label with a penchant for creating clothes that can easily transition from wandering a market to an evening out. Here, they share their summer guides to jet setting the globe.

Favorite travel destination?

Laura: I love to go to Canada, because it's a bit cooler during the summer months.

Fernando: London because it's not so hot. And there's beautiful countryside to explore! 

Packing essentials:

Laura: All my beauty and hair products are La Mer, SKII, and Kerastase. I also always take a denim jumpsuit with tennis shoes. and one pair of heels.

Fernando: Two t-shirts and a pair of jeans.... 

Reading material? 

Laura: Zinio, the digital magazine

Fernando: System Magazine

Must-Visit Places:

Laura: I love to stay in the Lake Louise Chateau and order room-service and go to the spa. 

Fernando: Chiltern Firehouse is a hotel and restaurant in London. It's like a little world inside. It reminds me of Greenwich Hotel, which is also a favorite of mine in NYC.  It's very good for people watching.

Favorite thing to do on vacation?

Laura: Sleep

Fernando: Explore

Newest destination you'd like to visit and why?

Laura: Dubai to understand the market. 

Fernando: The new Harry Potter section in Universal Studios - I am dying to go!

What do you always pack in your plane bag?

Laura: An SKII mask and my laptop. 

Fernando: Toothpaste


Laura: k-pop

Fernando: M83


LK: Walk around and explore!

Fern: I like to go to obscure towns and vintage stores, outside of the main city.

Travel candle/scent? 

Laura: Red Flower Icelandic Moon Flower

Fernando: Ralph Lauren Christmas candle


A walk through Bed Stuy in Brooklyn may surprise you. Brownstones reach skyward on blocks lined with trees (many in their full, cherry blossom glory), and intriguing new stores and restaurants pop up daily. Take cult boutique Sincerely Tommy and bar Lovers Rock, both local institutions drawing in crowds from neighboring areas. The newest outpost is Chicky’s (pictured above right), a market/grocery/coffee bar opened by the same owner as local restaurant Eugene & Co (pictured above left), a charming farm-to-table restaurant offering the area a chic atmosphere and delicious food. Chicky’s was born from owner Tara Oxleys' desire to offer the neighborhood a marketplace she had been craving for years. Organic, farm-raised meats and vegetables are available, in addition to select and delicious dry goods, pre-prepared food and delicious coffee. Also on offer are flowers, adorable homewares and organic chocolate.

Chicky's, 406 Tompkins Ave, Brooklyn

Must Read: Lee

Lee Radziwill, sister to Jackie O, remains one of America’s chicest icons. Her style is unfaltering in its dedication to simple silhouettes, beautiful tailoring, and a touch of Upper East Side wasp (with a little cheeky edge). She is a longtime fan of Giambattista Valli, sitting front row at his show each season, and her impeccable taste has inspired many a fashion designer. Besides her contribution to fashion though, is her incredible life, all of which is captured in a gorgeous new book titled, ‘Lee.’ The tome is laid like like a scrapbook of Radziwill’s happiest memories, with polaroids mixed appearing beside paparazzi shots. There are small bursts of text, illustrating a moment or happy memory, but mostly, it conveys Radziwill’s joy-filled moments, photo book style. And in typical Radziwill fashion, the cloth bound cover with navy embossed title is the epitome of chic.

Buy Lee here.