Diptyque 34 Collection and Invisible Dog Pop Up

Upon arriving at the lush, jungle retreat that is Coqui Coqui, an intimate resort located on the dreamy coast of Tulum, Mexico, an intoxicating mix of ocean, flowers, and the inimitable smell of vacation draws you into the chic, minimalist concrete structure. 

The power of scent has the ability to transform a place from lackluster to lush, and is a force that Diptyque has in spades. Each year, the brand releases their iconic 34 Collection. Included are hand blown candle vessels made in France (no two are the same), new fragrances, and this year, a creamy colored vase made entirely of wax. The brand is also releasing a smaller capsule collection called Les Voyages, an assemblage of travel-sized (and travel necessary products) that one could imagine discovering on a jaunt aboard the Orient Express. A miniature facial spray, parfum, cleanser, exfoliator and more make up the collection, which comes in an enchanting, illustrated box.

Both lines will be available this summer in a collaboration between Diptyque and Brooklyn gallery space, The Invisible Dog, where a bespoke pop-up shop will offer both new collections in a space worthy of Diptyque’s incredible scents.

Dive in.

Flower trend: Anthuriums

Instagram is an ideal barometer for spotting trends. From the latest restaurant to the new It-shoe, spotting something across multiple accounts is sure to solidify it as a trend du jour. Case in point: the newest favorite flower of seemingly every florist, the anthurium. Beloved by florists such as BRRCH, Putnam & Putnam and Fox Fodder Farm, it's a little alien in its appearance, and looks almost like a lily. "Anthuriums are amazing because they immediately add an architectural and structural element to any arrangement," says Fox Fodder Farm's Taylor Patterson. "I love the contrast that comes from mixing them with softer or even weedier elements. The juxtaposition of textures is really interesting." 

They're also the perfect addition to any arrangement that needs a little boldness. "Anthuriums provide an interesting contrast to the soft, romantic, textural florals that Saipua gravitates towards. They add a masculine, structural moment, grounding what can be gratuitously romantic, ephemeral, wispy flowers," comments Brooklyn-based florist Saipua's founding director, Sarah Ryhanen. Add them to your bouquet. 

Order an arrangement: Fox Fodder Farm, Saipua, BRRCH



Indoor plant trend: The Olive Treee

Visit any Céline boutique or spend some time on interior design blogs, and you will inevitably find a fiddle leaf fig tree (also known as a ficcus tree). It is undeniably the indoor house plant of the moment—or has been for the past few years—but there’s a new form of flora taking over. The Olive Tree, which bears a slightly Mediterranean feel, is providing a welcome reproach from the fiddle leaf fig (which is appearing in more Instagram pictures then seems humanly possible).

This tree is less  glossy and glamorous than the fiddle leaf, but possesses a quiet ease and light, slate grey-green coloring. A few of them will even produce olives. So take a trip to your nursery, take a few minutes to consider a tree, and for the future, make it an olive.

Buy an olive tree here, and learn the basics here.

11 Howard

THERE'S A NEW hotspot in town. Recently opened 11 Howard, situated on the same block as Opening Ceremony and The Smile, is the city's newest boutique hotel. Opened in early April, the space was designed by interior decorators Signe Bindslev Henriksen and Peter Bundgaard Rützou, the team behind the Danish architecture and design studio SPACE Copenhagen, with objects chosen as meticulously as a gallery. Each room contains special touches, like a single art object by ceramicist Katie Yang and beauty products by Grown Alchemist and Glossier.

The hotel also boasts a bar, The Blond, which is filled with navy, velvet sofas, low-lighting and waiters in chic, lace uniforms. A French restaurant, Le CouCou, is slated to open in May. 

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Aurelie Bidermann New Uptown Store

Spend just a moment with French jewelry designer Aurélie Bidermann, and you’re sure to fall under her charming spell. Always draped in jewels (her own and vintage) and a chic look with barely there makeup and typical French girl hair, she’s instantly warm and friendly, incredibly funny, and full of advice. "Always pack jewelry for each occasion when you travel,” she offered up over breakfast. It makes sense then, that New Yorkers have flocked to her namesake jewelry line and first US-based store in Soho. Now, the designer has opened up a second location on Madison Avenue. In keeping with her other two stores (there's also a Paris location), Bidermann’s space is is far from a traditional jewelry store. Dusty pink couches and cacti sit in the all-white location, with painted wood and travertine accents providing chic contrasts. Then there are the jewels. Bidermann offers up a variety of elegant, fine pieces and more playful accoutrements (kind of like the designer herself), that are more than swoon-worthy.

Visit the Uptown store, 957 Madison Ave, New York

Must Read: Lee

Lee Radziwill, sister to Jackie O, remains one of America’s chicest icons. Her style is unfaltering in its dedication to simple silhouettes, beautiful tailoring, and a touch of Upper East Side wasp (with a little cheeky edge). She is a longtime fan of Giambattista Valli, sitting front row at his show each season, and her impeccable taste has inspired many a fashion designer. Besides her contribution to fashion though, is her incredible life, all of which is captured in a gorgeous new book titled, ‘Lee.’ The tome is laid like like a scrapbook of Radziwill’s happiest memories, with polaroids mixed appearing beside paparazzi shots. There are small bursts of text, illustrating a moment or happy memory, but mostly, it conveys Radziwill’s joy-filled moments, photo book style. And in typical Radziwill fashion, the cloth bound cover with navy embossed title is the epitome of chic.

Buy Lee here. 

Pink Couch

THE THING ABOUT BEAUTY (and in particular, beautiful design) is that it isn’t found in just one thing. Anything can be beautiful: a flower, a chair, a building, a jewel. An appreciation of the lovelier things in life isn’t only the clothes you wear; it’s how you decorate your house and how you spend your day; the beauty products you use and the food you cook; it’s your lifestyle. As such, our current obsession is with pink couches—velvet in particular. There’s just something about the color, the shape, and the texture, that makes them so now, and so right.