Style Fyle: Tamu McPherson

Tamu McPherson wears many hats. She’s a street style photographer, blogger, editor, mother, bona fide style icon, and one of the fashion world’s most beloved faces. Based in Milan, Jamaican-born McPherson has been on the fashion circuit for years. She began her career as a street style photographer for Grazia Italia, until her own playful style (she favors mixed prints, bright colors and bold accessories) caught the eye of her fellow photographers and editors. Now, she runs her own successful blog, All the Pretty Birds, where she regularly posts interviews with her fellow fashionistas and shares recipes via a section called ‘Tamu’s Café.’ Here, she shares five of her new favorite things.


TEA TIME  I'm obsessed with Yogi Tea's Ginger Hibiscus tea. 



REFLECTOR I'm crazy about my Vetements reflector-heel ankle boots. They turned out to be so comfortable, and I would have bet the other way.


CHECKING INVOICES I really love Checking Invoices' Instagram account, @checking_invoices. The creators photograph themselves with their faces hidden in items that they are checking in for photo shoots. I think the concept is original, clever and the images themselves are editorially worthy. 


UNDERGROUND RAILROAD I love Colson Whitehead's award winning novel the Underground Railroad. His story of a female slave's attempt to flee slavery is poignantly written, sincere and impressively imaginative. 


MARCO DE VINCENZO This coat is incredible. I could sleep in mine!

Style Fyle: Lola Rykiel

Inimitable French girl around town, Lola Rykiel, founder of consulting agency Le Chocolat Noir, is everything you’d wish for in a chic Parisian friend. With undeniable charm, a penchant for Marie-Hélène de Taillac jewelry and a true romantic side (she pens a column for Harper’s Bazaar called ‘Lola on Love’), Rykiel is a force to be reckoned with. Most recently, she launched her own creative consultant agency, Le Chocolat Noir, where a plethora of other brands will benefit from her excellent taste.

Here, she shares five of her new favorite finds.


"BALLS" RESTAURANT IN PARIS The new "ball" from Balls restaurant in Paris. It comes as five balls of veal mixed with caramelized onions in a light yoghurt dressing—it's delicious! I like it with the new salad as the side, it has pomegranate, lentils, feta, green apple, and organic nuts. 


MARIE-HÉLÈNE DE TAILLAC RING A padparadscha ring from from Marie-Hélène de Taillac. Pink is my favorite color, and this very rare sapphire looks like a candy.


GRILLZ BY DOLLY COHEN I would love to have some and I think it would be so chic and original to wear them with a classy outfit.


ELLIS BROOKLYN'S RAVEN SCENT I'm obsessed with the Raven scent from Ellis Brooklyn. I already have the candle, the body lotion and finally, the perfume is out. 


THE WING I just started my own business and I was looking for the perfect place to focus. It's hard to find an office by yourself. This place has the best energy and makes me feel safe.


Alison Lou x Staud

Alison Chemla doesn’t need words to communicate exactly how she’s feeling. All the jewelry designer requires are a few of her emoji-inspired pieces and a good dose of humor (of which she has plenty). In 2012, Chemla (above right) launched her fine jewelry label, Alison Lou, and quickly gained a cult following for her quirky, emoticon-inspired creations amongst the fashion-celebrity set (think Cara Delevingne, Jemima Kirke, and Ashley Olsen). Now, she’s opened a brand new store on New York’s Upper East Side and collaborated with her West Coast equivalent, Sarah Staudinger (the designer behind Staud), on a collection of mushroom brooches. Quirky, yes; innovative, double yes.

Chemla’s store brings a dose of Uptown solace to her occasionally outrageous jewelry, outfitted in muted color ways with a Renaissance-inspired mural covering the wall. Her collection with Staud however, skews a little more LA. After knowing each other for over a decade, Staudinger and Chemla came together in a full collaborative design effort to create a collection that blends their personalities and their businesses, as well as their friendship. The hand painted pins are available in four different colors and three sizes, and stemmed from the duo's desire to create something that truly represents their personalities (and aesthetics). “We have always wanted to collaborate on something together," says Chemla. "We have supported each other’s brands since day one, and we thought that brooches would be the perfect culmination of both of our brand identities. They combine the sophistication of STAUD and the whimsical, yet refined, elements of Alison Lou. Our brooches can be worn on sweaters, jackets and bags (especially STAUD ones)… not to mention we wanted to make some fungi’s for some fun times!”

Alison Lou, 20 East 69th Street, New York

Alison Lou x Staud mushroom pins, crafted from brass and hand-painted enamel work. Prices range from $110 to $195 and will be sold exclusively at both brands’ stores and e-commerce sites.

Muuñ bags

The basket bag is ubiquitous with a few very specific people (and occasions). Namely, Jane Birkin and her iconic round basket, which she touted until Hermès designed her her very own handbag (subsequently naming it after her). Then there's Brigitte Bardot and her nonchalant French-ness, and long, hot summers spent by the sea when a basket is used for toting local groceries and a towel.

Most recently however, the basket has become a bona fide carryall option for every season. Authentic Moroccan styles have been monogrammed and embroidered, and a plethora of basket-focused brands have made their way onto the scene. Case in point, new label Muuñ, whose specialty is a basket bag trimmed with fabric, sturdy leather straps, and an inner, cotton bag that keeps your valuables protected. The boxier shapes make it appropriate for life sans beach, and each bag is handmade in Ghana using traditional straw braiding techniques.

Designer Audrey David was inspired to launch the label after a chance meeting with the craftsman of Nyariga, a small village in Northern Ghana. She set about reimagining the bag with influences from Scandinavian and Japanese designs, whilst still utilizing the incredible craftsmanship of the women of Nyariga. 

Muuñ bags are available in New York at Dover Street Market and Barneys, and online here

Christine Whitney/Violet Grey

Violet Grey is known for its impeccable selection of beauty products, insider access to Hollywood’s most celebrated starlets, and some of the most lauded beauty editorial in the business. Christine Whitney, the Editorial Director behind the site’s infamous ‘Violet Files,’ is instrumental in creating said stories, shedding light on Emilia Clarke’s favorite beauty arsenal and chatting with makeup artist Dick Page about his best-kept secrets. Here, the California-based beauty editor shares six of her favorite new beauty products, and why you should love them too.





Serge Lutens Water Lip Color

We have trouble keeping this in stock at VIOLET GREY because it’s just so good. I hate the feeling of lipstick so a water-based stain is much more my speed—and this color looks great on everyone.




ZIIP Beauty

Everyone at the office is obsessed with this handheld nano current device which makes your skin feel amazing and look fresh and luminous, whether your goal is to take down fine lines or clear up a breakout. My goal for the New Year is to use mine three times a week, which is recommended for best results.






Pai Bioregenerate Rosehip Oil

 Our beauty editor Jayme Cyk turned me on to this amazing all-natural, super concentrated rosehip oil. It works wonders—think antiaging, moisturizing, soothing—and leaves my sensitive skin glowing.





 Yves Durif Brush

This resin, Italian-made brush is just very attractive and feels great on the scalp. You can use it on wet or dry hair and display it proudly on your vanity. I would have put it on my wedding registry if it were socially acceptable.






Byredo Loose Lips Candle

VIOLET GREY’s founder Cassandra likes to say that “There are candles, and there are candles.” This one is clearly one of the candles. It’s extremely chic and smells faintly (and seductively) of lipstick. I even put it on my wedding registry!







Chantecaille Faux Cils Mascara

This mascara glides on smoothly and has the extra benefit of actually making your lashes grow—no extensions required.



When Jac Cameron and Maggie Winter launched their clothing label AYR, they set about creating a kind of cool girl's fashion utopia. Born from a desire to design good quality clothes at an affordable price point (imagine that sweet spot between Zara and Céline), AYR delivers season-less staples. Think cropped and frayed jeans in various washes, an abundance of coats, and plenty of silk shirts and cozy sweaters. All pieces which—thanks to an ever-changing climate—you likely need to pull out of your closet or purchase at various times of the year. The duo's focus was to create a foundation of well designed, quality pieces that were worth investing in—and wearing over and over again. Denim is a core component, and was the first item the pair created. Their jeans are now some of their best sellers and cult-loved items.

Now, AYR is opening up shop. Like many other online-only brands, the label's first ever pop-up shop (located in Soho, New York), will carry a selection of their most popular brands, and, through specially chosen artwork and select items such as favorite magazines and flowers, offers a window into AYR's anti-fashion, yet stylish world. 

AYR, 199 Lafayette St, New York (open through March, 2017)

Marie Veronique

Marie Veronique’s latest offering—a collaboration with skin care specialist Kristina Holey—does exactly what you want all beauty products to do: Deliver the ingredients your skin is lacking in order to make it luminous, dewy, plump, and blemish/line-free. And while that might sound like beauty fiction, Veronique’s newest formulas come close to achieving it. The pair’s goal was to create a product line that repaired the skin’s “barrier” level (AKA, the top layer of skin that deals daily with pollution, air conditioning, and other environmental factors). The hero of the line is the Barrier Restore Serum, which, like all three products, was created to address inflammation (the biggest cause of acne, dermatitis, and aging). Its most important task is to protect against moisture loss (excellent for those who work in windowless offices or deal with New York-cold temperatures), while the Intensive Repair Serum addresses stubborn breakouts by supporting the microbiome of the skin and gently clearing congestion (use it at night!).

Like all of Marie Veronique’s products—which aim to rebalance and restore your skin to its most comfortable and happy place—her latest collaboration does just that. Consider it the ‘not-skincare skin helper.’

Buy the line here.

Saint AM

Think of any style icon and undoubtedly, they donned a great pair of sunglasses. Jackie O's infamous round shades became her signature, Audrey Hepburn (as Holly Golightly) will forever be remembered for her Oliver Goldsmith Manhattans, which she wore with an evening gown whilst window shopping on 5th Avenue, Steve McQueen's Persol aviators were an indelible, fashionable statement and Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen count sunglasses as important a wardrobe piece as oversized coats.

The power of sunglasses is second to none, which makes discovering the ideal pair akin to the search for a perfect LBD. Saint, a collaboration between AM eyewear and photographer Pierre Toussaint, aims to fill that spot. With only three frame styles, the St. Lucia, St. Barts and St. Tropez, they riff off classic shapes, each featuring a tiny cat eye and rounded bottoms. These are sunglasses to encourage your inner old-Hollywood star: Instantly flattering, paparazzi-defying, and already beloved by It-girls around the globe.

Buy your pair here.

Mansur Gavriel

Mansur Gavriel has the kind of cult-loved status that most labels dream about. Their eponymous bucket bag continues to sell out (shortly after launching it had a 2000 person wait list), and their chic, pastel-focused campaigns are Instagram perfect. Now, the brand has opened its very first pop-up store in Soho, New York, complete with pink interiors, an exclusive pastel pink-hued “baby” bucket bag—it fits snugly in the palm of your hand—and a flower shop from the latest florist du jour, BRRCH. They’re also stocking (in customary Mansur style), postcards and posters, and sales assistants are bedecked in calf-length dresses. It’s a Mansur world.

Mansur Gavriel, 134 Wooster St, New York

Fabric Bags

Discovering The Row’s New York boutique (situated in a townhouse on the Upper East Side, conveniently around the corner from Céline), is akin to discovering fashion paradise. It’s full of beautiful clothing, artwork and furniture you can purchase, makeup and fragrance, heritage jewelry, and an assortment of delectable shoes and bags. One of those bags is the Ascot, a silk hammock-shaped style that bridges the gap between top handle and tote/day and night. The fabric bag is also having a comeback with other brands. Hayward’s baroque-inspired tote is available in a variety of fabrications (including a richly textured version that could have been used by Marie Antoinette if she happened to go grocery shopping), and FiveStory’s exclusive collaboration with outerwear brand Color Temperature—a furry, bucket shaped tote available in a variance of hues—is the perfect winter must-have. 


Little Liffner

Stockholm-based handbag label Little Liffner specializes in creating chic, practical bags at an affordable price point (their mini versions start at $400). In keeping with the Scandinavian mindset (each bag is as useful as it is stylish, and is made from Italian-sourced leather), is the sleek, minimalist design. From totes and saddle bags to chain strap shoulder bags, most styles feature a round ring and are available in bold, dynamic hues. These are bags that don't require a label—although you'll likely get stopped on the street so people can ask you where yours is from.

Now, they've partnered with Net-a-Porter on a capsule collection featuring three exclusive styles (including the ring tote and tiny box) in delectable, fall-ready shades and fabrics. As chic founder Paulina Liffner von Sydow says, “I want the Little Liffners to offer stylish and functional companionship to women when they go about their busy lives, confidently moving through diverse worlds and contexts.”

Buy them here.

Butler Bakeshop

Photographs by Jess Nash

Photographs by Jess Nash

Hugo Murray, one of the co-founders of Williamsburg's latest spot-of-the-moment, Butler, has hit upon a sweet spot—literally.

Barely six weeks old, Butler is the Australian's first foray into the food world (his background is in advertising), but has already proven itself as a must-visit destination. Situated on the corner of Berry and South 5th Street under the Williamsburg Bridge, the airy, plant-filled space seems custom-designed for Instagram. Low lighting, brass tabletops, and pastel colored coffee cups are positioned alongside caramel hued booth seating and robin's egg blue ceramics. The aesthetics however, are merely beautiful companions to the (seriously) incredible food. Murray partnered with industry veteran Rod Coligado and Michelin-starred chef Ryan Butler (former executive pastry chef of Piora) whom he met through friends when conceptualizing the cafe. The result is a compendium of truly delicious food. Whilst salads and sandwiches feature on the menu, the standouts are the pastries, which range from a breakfast empanada (a melt-in-your-mouth pastry stuffed with eggs and bacon), a to-die-for chocolate brownie with dulce de leche, an Australian staple—the sausage roll, a Morning Glory muffin with carrot, coconut, and pineapple, and a herb and chili scone served with whipped butter that will take every idea you had of a scone and turn it on its head. 

There's also Intelligentsia coffee (which you can order from a side window during busier times), and in the future fresh smoothies and juices. For Murray, Butler is a chance to offer high quality pastries, quick to-go lunches and breakfast, and delicious coffee all in one spot. "There's nothing like Sydney's famous bakery, Bourke St Bakery, in New York," he explained over coffee. "Bakery's aren't really go-to spots for New Yorkers, and I wanted to create one." Bourke St is known for its incredible pastries, pies, and breads, and soon, we predict Butler will be too.

Butler, 95 South 5th St, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Stella McCartney bag

Stella McCartney has a long list of impressive achievements on her resume, but mostly, she’s the kind of girl you wish was your best friend. She’s an incredible designer, has impeccable taste (she used to design for Chloé, so there’s also that), she cares about the environment, and somehow she seems to effortlessly balance work and family, traversing between her home in London and country escape.

It makes sense then, that she would design a bag that’s not only chic, of-the-moment and practical, but which has also appeared on the arms of chic girls over New York City (Harley Viera Newton has one in black). The miniature bucket bag, replete with a semi circle gold handle and long chain strap is available in black faux croc, ivory embroidered faux-leather (the lining is made from recycled plastic bottles), and leopard print. And while it seems small, it has Alice in Wonderland–like capabilities, fitting almost everything (save your laptop), in its pouch. 

Buy it here.

Tassel earrings

Statement earrings are having a moment both on and off the runway, but their shoulder-grazing tasseled counterparts are the current look du jour. From Cleopatra to the ultra chic Lee Radziwill and from beads to fringe, the tassel has been an accessory staple throughout the years, but recently reemerged as the earring of the season. Case in point: Lizzie Fortunato’s crater earrings have regularly sold out since their launch, Oscar de la Renta’s beaded versions remain a core staple in the brand’s accessory division, and new versions are popping up everywhere. New label Hart’s fun, accessibly-priced options are perfect for a coffee break splurge (and take a look at her bespoke, handcrafted jackets while you're there), and Australian-based designer Christie Nicolaides’ beaded options were inspired by her Greek heritage. The only hard decision—which pair to buy?

Avec Moderation

Furry shoes are officially having a moment. From Gucci’s sold-out Chewbacca-esque slides  to sustainable label Brother Vellies, fur trimmed footwear has been spotted from the street to the runway and on almost every Instagram account. Case in point: Avec Modération, a new Italian-based label created by two Parisian friends. Originally launched as a painted leather company (the pair draw and paint original graphics onto paper, which are then hand printed onto sandals), their most recent collection focuses on fur. With each pair handmade in Tuscany and styles ranging from close toe to crossover slides, consider them a fusion of fashion and functionality.

Everlane x Opening Ceremony

Everlane has dominated the direct-to-consumer movement ever since they introduced their collections of chic, easy to wear staples and affordable initiatives online. Now, for the first time ever, they’re partnering with Opening Ceremony on a line of sumptuous, 100% cashmere sweaters. All of Everlane’s cashmere styles will be available in store, in addition to two new styles, a turtleneck and a boxy, crew neck sweater in cream, caramel, and blush pink. The super luxe pieces (both companies are insistent on top notch quality) are the types of knits you spot and always wish you had—but can never seem to find. Luckily, now you can.

Everlane x Opening Ceremony cashmere, from $140, available in-store only at Opening Ceremony SOHO and LA. 

David Mallett hair salon

David Mallett's client list reads like a who's who of the fashion world. From editors to designers, the Australian-born, Paris-based hair stylist's salon is constantly filled with stylish somethings all looking (and getting), the perfect haircut. Mallett is the kind of hairdresser that takes the idea of what you want, and then makes it that much better. The perfect shaggy French girl hair? He's nailed it.

This month, Mallett is opening his second outpost at the newly refurbished Hôtel Ritz Paris. While his first salon features tall windows and a white mounted peacock, the Ritz space is done in shades of beige, stacked with vintage Louis Vuitton trunks and tall, willowy white orchids. His line of namesake hair products is also on offer, including his new revolutionary volume powder. Available in an easily transportable bottle, it puffs up into air like baby powder, adding instant body and lift to even the most silky, flat-lying locks.

David Mallett Salon, Hôtel Ritz Paris, 15 Place Vendôme, 75001 Paris, France

J.Hannah jewelry

Jess Hannah’s line of minimal, but incredibly chic jewelry is easy to wear. No matter your style, age, or the occasion, her sustainably-sourced, handmade pieces cross the line between classic and trend. They’re staples, like underwear, or coffee, or sunshine. “My line is really versatile, it's not for one particular type of person,” she explains. “It's designed to become a part of the wearer and lend to anyone’s style and personality.”

Created in downtown LA, where Hannah casts her eye over every part of the creation process, “I used to make everything myself when I first started - now I oversee everything. It's super important to me that each piece passes through my hands and microscope. I'm very meticulous,” her pieces have the ease and simplicity of a favorite pair of jeans. She originally studied graphic design, but followed her passion for jewelry making, launching the label in late 2014. “When I graduated, I applied to a few graphic design jobs, nothing I was too excited about… not to mention I didn’t actually get any of them. That disappointment was the push I needed to reconsider what I was doing. Instead of applying to more jobs that I wasn’t really interested in, I got an apprenticeship with a local jeweler duo. I worked with them for about a year and then set out to do my own thing.”

The line is filled with a mix of solid 14k gold and silver pieces, ranging from thick gold bands and hoops to delicate, ‘50s-inspired chokers (Hannah’s grandmother and her jewelry collection is constant inspiration) and ultra-fine, stackable rings. In the end, Hannah says it best—“I call them timeless staples.”


Dôen fashion line

Eight different women, one singular vision. It may seem slightly irregular for a fashion label to have eight designers, but the mission behind Dôena Los Angeles-based fashion label with a penchant towards easy and relaxed daywear—is to fulfill the needs of what all women are looking for in their clothes. Hence, there are eight points of view, eight hands poring over fabrics, eight bodies trying on samples, and eight sets of eyes looking over the intricacies of the label.

Much of what inspires the women behind Dôen is their lifestyle—their family, home, travel, environment—and the many factors that come into play within a busy, working woman’s day. As such, the line ranges from floaty, beautiful dresses and tops that bestow a bohemian vibe, to cozy knitwear and pants that allow you to move with ease. These are clothes you can truly live in. 


Binu Binu soaps

As a young girl, Karen Kim would experience traditional Korean baths given by her grandmother. The process involved plenty of vigorous scrubbing—an intensely exfoliating experience that requires a strong hand and a good dose of determination. The baths left an impression on Kim, who earlier this year launched a line of soaps inspired by the traditional Korean process. Named Binu Binu (binu means bath in Korean), the line is comprised of six, all-natural bars made from a base of boricha—a barley tea that’s prized for its detoxifying powers—and nourishing oils (olive, coconut, sweet almond, caster), butters and clays. Each soap is inspired by strong female characters, and includes ingredients with specialized and effective ingredients. Most recently, she added a cleansing balm, gel body scrub, and lip conditioner. Fragrance free and made in small batches by hand, they encourage the simple and ritualistic pleasure of cleansing.

Buy them here.