AS WITH MOST great things, all-natural skincare line Benshen was born from necessity. After a lifetime of battling acne, creator Desiree Pais dove into the world of Chinese medicine, became a certified acupuncturist, and decided to create her own line of facial products with an emphasis on healing and loving your body and skin (rather than attacking it). “Benshen was founded on the premise that it's not only the oils that heal you but the intention of self love and care. I believe ritual is the way we connect to a deeper part of ourselves that activates the real healing we all need,” she says. The 100% organic line consists of two facial serums (which feel like facial oils), two facial sprays, an aromatherapy scent, and a magical tub of facial crystals, all of which really, truly leave your skin looking more refreshed, clearer, and more luminous. In the end, Pais says it best: “I think French women understand this approach well: creating confidence and beauty through caring for oneself rather than fighting the body and all its magic.”

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