Anissa Kermiche Jewelry

You might think, upon discovering Anissa Kermiche's namesake jewelry label, that she is a wild bohemian spirit uninhibited by life's mundanity. In fact, the London-based designer was raised to be anything but. Born in Paris, Kermiche's strict mother instilled a strong work ethic in her daughter. When it was clear that a job in a creative field would not be supported by her family, Kermiche worked as an engineer before turning to her true love—jewelry—studying at Central Saint Martins and Holts Academy. Now her line (which can easily be added to the list of new, interesting jewelry labels to obsess over), is being lauded for its unusual take on the everyday. Kermiche creates necklaces out of female busts (rubies take the place of nipples) and legs (her Precieux Pubis pendant features crossed legs with a triangular onyx representing the pubis).

Her work isn't restricted to the female form however. Pearl earrings curl like tiny cocoons and appear to travel through ear lobes, diamond chokers replicate the swirling plastic versions worn obsessively in the '90s, and diamond studded ear suspenders are designed to hug the ear. Inspired by everyday shapes like lamps, paintings, and sculptures, Kermiche's pieces are the one-of-a-kind specimens that are unique enough to cherish, but cool enough to wear everyday.