When Jac Cameron and Maggie Winter launched their clothing label AYR, they set about creating a kind of cool girl's fashion utopia. Born from a desire to design good quality clothes at an affordable price point (imagine that sweet spot between Zara and Céline), AYR delivers season-less staples. Think cropped and frayed jeans in various washes, an abundance of coats, and plenty of silk shirts and cozy sweaters. All pieces which—thanks to an ever-changing climate—you likely need to pull out of your closet or purchase at various times of the year. The duo's focus was to create a foundation of well designed, quality pieces that were worth investing in—and wearing over and over again. Denim is a core component, and was the first item the pair created. Their jeans are now some of their best sellers and cult-loved items.

Now, AYR is opening up shop. Like many other online-only brands, the label's first ever pop-up shop (located in Soho, New York), will carry a selection of their most popular brands, and, through specially chosen artwork and select items such as favorite magazines and flowers, offers a window into AYR's anti-fashion, yet stylish world. 

AYR, 199 Lafayette St, New York (open through March, 2017)