Olivia von Halle

Luxurious sleepwear designer Olivia von Halle has a dog named Bathtub. She also lives in London, prefers to have a gin and tonic before retiring to bed, and was inspired to launch her line by the chic, lounging pajamas worn by Coco Chanel in the '20s. Launched in 2008, her eponymous line includes matching pajama sets in beautiful prints, night gowns, sleep shirts, dressing gowns, and silk eye masks in sorbet shades. Slip on a pair after splashing your face with water and applying your favorite night cream, while reading the paper and enjoying brunch on a Sunday morning, or with a pair of heels for cocktails with you friends. Honestly, they’re so chic you can wear them right out of the house.

Von Halle also offers monogramming, and a bespoke fitting service (so your PJ’s are even more luxe). The only hard part is deciding which pair to get.

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