Chloe King Style Fyle

Bergdorf Goodman's Senior Vice President of fashion Linda Fargo once described Chloe King as "our resident clothing magpie." For King, the fashion content and social media manager at Bergdorfs, the title is a fitting one. She is a regular on street style blogs and is passionate about her unique combination of vintage, new brands, and classic silhouettes. Forget fashion, King is a purveyor of true personal style. With a background in social media, she got her roots in the fashion industry at Tibi, where she helped grow their social media by 430% in two years. Since joining Bergdorf Goodman, their social media following has grown exponentially, passing the 1 million mark.

Fond of discovering new brands, investing in vintage finds and constantly pushing her stylish boundaries, King is a fashion lover. Here she shares her new favorite labels, Instagram accounts, and what she's stocking in her beauty cabinet.

La Mer Face Oil




LA MER FACE OIL - This is super hydrating in this weird cold weather. I also like it instead of a bronzer highlighter dabbed on cheekbones.

LA PRAIRIE PEARL INFUSION - Soooo decadent, but gives you a glow when you are bad about drinking 12 liters of water a day. 

CHANEL UV ESSENTIAL SUNSCREEN - The only sunscreen I've ever used that you can wear daily without looking greasy or smelling like the beach. Praise Karl.







Who doesn't want a daily reminder of the Olsen twins or Mischa Barton's amazing Chanel looks on the OC? #neverforget








Super excited about this young talent. In a sea full of "wearable," his over-the-top sequined disco looks were a jolt of energy during London Fashion Week. 





I discovered this amazing French vintage shop through Etsy - it's full of statement designer jewelry dreams!


Sanayi 313




These beautiful Turkish slippers are embroidered with bees, cherries or raffia fringe. I want to wear them with everything from denim to a cocktail dress!