Diptyque 34 Collection and Invisible Dog Pop Up

Upon arriving at the lush, jungle retreat that is Coqui Coqui, an intimate resort located on the dreamy coast of Tulum, Mexico, an intoxicating mix of ocean, flowers, and the inimitable smell of vacation draws you into the chic, minimalist concrete structure. 

The power of scent has the ability to transform a place from lackluster to lush, and is a force that Diptyque has in spades. Each year, the brand releases their iconic 34 Collection. Included are hand blown candle vessels made in France (no two are the same), new fragrances, and this year, a creamy colored vase made entirely of wax. The brand is also releasing a smaller capsule collection called Les Voyages, an assemblage of travel-sized (and travel necessary products) that one could imagine discovering on a jaunt aboard the Orient Express. A miniature facial spray, parfum, cleanser, exfoliator and more make up the collection, which comes in an enchanting, illustrated box.

Both lines will be available this summer in a collaboration between Diptyque and Brooklyn gallery space, The Invisible Dog, where a bespoke pop-up shop will offer both new collections in a space worthy of Diptyque’s incredible scents.

Dive in.