Heidi Merrick

Heidi Merrick is LA personified. The fashion designer not only grew up living the quintessential Los Angeles lifestyle (her family owns Channel Islands Surfboards), but her very essence embodies it. Raised in Southern California, Merrick's approach is refreshingly easy and warm—a feeling that also emanates through the easy-to-wear quality of her namesake clothing line. When you want something simple and elegant to wear as opposed to the effort of "dressing up," Merrick is your girl. Now, she's opened her first store in Downtown Los Angeles, combining her eponymous homewares line with clothing made in-house, all nestled amidst a chic array of sculptures and furniture, and a wall filled with candy-colored surfboards crafted by her brother, Britt Merrick. The space also conveys the warmth of a beachside LA home—deep pink bougainvillea from Merrick's backyard adds a personal (and especially Californian) touch to the store, as does a wooden day bed beckoning for a seaside escape.

H. Merrick of California, 115 W 9th St, Los Angeles, CA