Jeanne Damas' new line Rouje

French It-girl Jeanne Damas is known for her insouciant, Parisian style. So much so, that she decided to launch her own line. Called 'Rouje,' her inaugural collection includes flared jeans, miniskirts and floral dresses—the perfect kind that all the French girls wear—and is intended to bring together a collective of her talented friends. Consisting of thirty pieces that Damas considers the staples of the iconic French woman (the kind of clothes you forget about, but actually wear more than anything else in your closet), Rouje is a tribute to all the women that inspire her. “I was always surrounded by feminine women with strong personalities; my mother, my friends, my aunts, my sister. This is where my love of women comes from. I am fascinated by the look women have - simple details such as the way they move, speak, a gesture, or the way they wear a garment."

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