J.Hannah jewelry

Jess Hannah’s line of minimal, but incredibly chic jewelry is easy to wear. No matter your style, age, or the occasion, her sustainably-sourced, handmade pieces cross the line between classic and trend. They’re staples, like underwear, or coffee, or sunshine. “My line is really versatile, it's not for one particular type of person,” she explains. “It's designed to become a part of the wearer and lend to anyone’s style and personality.”

Created in downtown LA, where Hannah casts her eye over every part of the creation process, “I used to make everything myself when I first started - now I oversee everything. It's super important to me that each piece passes through my hands and microscope. I'm very meticulous,” her pieces have the ease and simplicity of a favorite pair of jeans. She originally studied graphic design, but followed her passion for jewelry making, launching the label in late 2014. “When I graduated, I applied to a few graphic design jobs, nothing I was too excited about… not to mention I didn’t actually get any of them. That disappointment was the push I needed to reconsider what I was doing. Instead of applying to more jobs that I wasn’t really interested in, I got an apprenticeship with a local jeweler duo. I worked with them for about a year and then set out to do my own thing.”

The line is filled with a mix of solid 14k gold and silver pieces, ranging from thick gold bands and hoops to delicate, ‘50s-inspired chokers (Hannah’s grandmother and her jewelry collection is constant inspiration) and ultra-fine, stackable rings. In the end, Hannah says it best—“I call them timeless staples.”