Joan Juliet Buck- The Price of Illusion

Joan Juliet Buck has a storied history. The lauded writer is the only American to have been editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris, she has contributed to every major publication across the globe, and she spent most of her youth gallivanting with fashion icons like Manolo Blahnik, Antonio Lopez, Lauren Bacall and celebrities like childhood friend Anjelica Huston. Known for her intimate yet worldly perspective, she is beloved for her writing yet has also had her own fair share of personal and professional catastrophes. Now, she’s sharing it all in a new memoir titled, ‘The Price of Illusion.’ Throughout the tome, Buck recounts her almost unbelievable and incredible life. She had dalliances with movie stars and famous authors, wed in a mauve wedding dress designed by Karl Lagerfeld and pursued adventures across the world. She was also thrust unknowingly into rehab and during her early thirties, witnessed the quick succession of AIDS. As intimate as a letter from a best friend, Buck draws you into her world with an instant intimacy, where you’ll happily spend hours engrossed in her enthralling tale.