KatKim Ear Threads

The fashion cognoscente are good at taking risks. Whether it's oversized pants or glitter covered boots, they find a way to pull it off. Jewelry designer KatKim's latest creation, a gold thread ear pin, is one such object. As the name suggests, the pin stretches from the lobe to hook around the upper part of the ear. Versions are adorned with pearls or diamonds or just left as they are—simple yet memorable.

Designer Katherine Kim is used to creating specialized pieces. Her namesake label found its niche in engagement rings, and Kim works with clients directly to design their dream ring. Her pieces are delicate and dainty, and often possess an unexpected design twist that helps to set them apart from the competition. Now based in Los Angeles (she spent much of her time launching the label in New York), Kim is dedicated to crafting beautiful jewelry that feels personal. She got her start at Central Saint Martins, where as a visiting student she decided to re-focus her attentions on jewelry making instead of her first elective, advertising.

Now, Kim’s attention is set on finding the most beautiful and unique materials available in order to create her wares, and dreaming of unusual new designs to place them in.