Kusmi Tea

There's nothing quite as comforting as taking the time to sit quietly with a freshly brewed cup of tea. Whether you opt for a delicate green tea detox (which is as good for your skin as it is for your taste buds) or an intensely rich Rooibos blend, Kusmi, the French tea house with a Russian heritage, has perfected the art of tea-making. Founded in 1867 in St. Petersburg, its newly opened US flagship store beautifully pays homage the brand’s Franco-Russian legacy through a baroque and modern lens. Located within the Oculus of New York City’s Westfield World Trade Center, stepping into Kusmi’s luminous boutique is nothing short of a sensorial experience. From its grandiose chandelier to the picturesque bespoke mosaic all the way down to the parquet floor of Italian marble and French oak, the space would certainly live up to the standards of a Russian Tsar. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the new location boasts over 50 herbal and black tea varieties, which are as aromatic as they are flavorful. 

To ease the decision-making process, the store features a central tasting station with turned-polish stainless steel and oak samovars allowing the visitors to taste Kusmi’s celebrated concoctions. The store also offers a selection of tea accessories, including a Christopher Jenner designed silver tea strainer (exclusive to the US flagship), lavish handmade crystal caddies and Japanese Nippon teapots. And for a touch of sweetness, the store sells Kusmi’s sugar lumps carved in the shape of matryoshkas, the traditional Russian dolls (they come in male and female forms). Kusmi believes that “having a cup of tea is like sharing a common language, a multicultural means of expression, an opportunity to share wherever you come from." That’s something we’d raise a cup of Kashmir Tchai to.

Kusmi Tea, Westfield World Trade Center, New York.

- Written by Sofia Sosunov