Lane Marinho Shoes

Hand making shoes seems like a lengthy process, but Brazilian designer Lane Marinho wouldn’t have it any other way. She equates the process with sculpting beauty and creating poetry, which is exactly what she achieves with her line of intricately decorated flat sandals. 

After studying graphic design at her local university, Marinho worked with a jewelry designer where she cultivated her appreciation of natural stones. She then won a national competition for Melissa Shoes and began her career in shoe design by working at some of the top shoe companies in Brazil. However, in 2013, her passion for the handmade inspired her to start her own line.

With Matisse, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Brazil as inspirations, it’s no surprise that color and material are driving forces in her collections. Through the process of experimenting on her own feet, she creates shoes that incorporate rope, natural shells, and embroidered stones—such as pearl, jade, and coral—creating footwear that seems more artistic endeavor than simple shoes.

Visit her website here. 

-Written by Scout Sabo