Linda Rodin releases new Rodin products

Linda Rodin, the founder of luxe, cult-loved beauty label Rodin, is known for her impeccable style, her poodle and constant companion Winky, and her signature round Linda Farrow sunglasses. Occasionally the lens of said glasses are rose tinted, but the morning she debuts her new face and body oil her lens are a muted lavender in honor of the new scent. "I used to wear lavender so much that my boyfriend called me Lavender Lee," says Rodin. 

Lavender marks the second scent released by the beauty entrepreneur, and only came about after months of searching for a lavender that was just right. Developed with Brooklyn-based perfumery D.S. & Durga, the formula combines Bulgarian lavender stems and French lavender absolute, and is subtle enough that it doesn't smell like the lavender essential oils of yesteryear. 

Available here.