Marie Veronique

Marie Veronique’s latest offering—a collaboration with skin care specialist Kristina Holey—does exactly what you want all beauty products to do: Deliver the ingredients your skin is lacking in order to make it luminous, dewy, plump, and blemish/line-free. And while that might sound like beauty fiction, Veronique’s newest formulas come close to achieving it. The pair’s goal was to create a product line that repaired the skin’s “barrier” level (AKA, the top layer of skin that deals daily with pollution, air conditioning, and other environmental factors). The hero of the line is the Barrier Restore Serum, which, like all three products, was created to address inflammation (the biggest cause of acne, dermatitis, and aging). Its most important task is to protect against moisture loss (excellent for those who work in windowless offices or deal with New York-cold temperatures), while the Intensive Repair Serum addresses stubborn breakouts by supporting the microbiome of the skin and gently clearing congestion (use it at night!).

Like all of Marie Veronique’s products—which aim to rebalance and restore your skin to its most comfortable and happy place—her latest collaboration does just that. Consider it the ‘not-skincare skin helper.’

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