Must Read: Lee

Lee Radziwill, sister to Jackie O, remains one of America’s chicest icons. Her style is unfaltering in its dedication to simple silhouettes, beautiful tailoring, and a touch of Upper East Side wasp (with a little cheeky edge). She is a longtime fan of Giambattista Valli, sitting front row at his show each season, and her impeccable taste has inspired many a fashion designer. Besides her contribution to fashion though, is her incredible life, all of which is captured in a gorgeous new book titled, ‘Lee.’ The tome is laid like like a scrapbook of Radziwill’s happiest memories, with polaroids mixed appearing beside paparazzi shots. There are small bursts of text, illustrating a moment or happy memory, but mostly, it conveys Radziwill’s joy-filled moments, photo book style. And in typical Radziwill fashion, the cloth bound cover with navy embossed title is the epitome of chic.

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