DeMaria NYC

New York City is known for its quirky food obsessions: The cronut, matcha almond milk lattes, fresh juices and dragon bowls have all taken the city by storm. Now, Camille Becerra, the creator behind the dragon bowl (a dish full of coconut grains, roasted vegetables, and a delicious sauce concocted for Café Henri), is opening up a brand new establishment. Called De Maria, Becerra paired up with co-owner and creative director Grace Lee to create the all-day café (dinner will be coming soon), which is sure to become the next It-spot for New Yorkers in search of a healthy yet delicious meal and beautiful atmosphere. The NoLita space is of-the-moment chic, with blonde wood accents, brass lamps and gentle neutrals throughout. Designed by MP Shift—the duo behind similarly lovely spaces like Clinton Hill's Tilda All Day, newly-opened salad spot Verde and ACME—Paul Rand’s graphic typography and Donald Judd’s geometric paintings were also prominent inspirations for the space.

Thankfully Becerra’s bowl is back on the menu, rebranded as ‘rooster’ and ‘fire dragon’ bowls, in addition to bone broth (another New York-specific It-food), and avocado toast. ­Each dish is focused on Becerra’s trademark: healthy, vibrant offerings made from seasonal ingredients, paired with a smattering of teas and infusions.  

De Maria, 19 Kenmare St, New York