Cafe Altro Paradiso

There's always a new restaurant to try in New York City, but not always one that stands out. Enter Cafe Altro Paradiso, a new spot by the owners of much beloved Estela. Full of high ceilings and honey colored wood, the space is instantly intimate (perfect for date night), and full of works by photographer Leon Levinstein—personal pieces from chef and co-owner Ignacio Mattos’ private collection.

The fare is classic, pared-down Italian—pasta, salad, chocolate cake for dessert. The type that you expect to find in a rural village where the ingredients are picked from the farm next door and simply cooked with a dash of olive oil. Except that you’re in New York, and everything still tastes sublime. A simple ravioli becomes a taste bud explosion, but still feels light on the stomach. Waiters are perfectly attentive (not too much and not too little), and drinks are beautifully made (cues to the bartender). A new spot, that’s sure to be hard to get a reservation.

Cafe Altro Paradiso—134 Spring St, New York