THE MOOD has certainly changed in fashion, with a seismic shift towards the eccentric, hyper-colored, spangled maximalism introduced by Alessandro Michele at Gucci. It seems that, finally, the reign of Céline-inspired sleek pants and turtlenecks topped off with round-shouldered coats may be at an end. The footwear that shined throughout the Céline craze though (those glove-like flats and low heels that seemed to be on everyone’s feet), will likely remain. After all, it takes longer for footwear trends to move on. So in the spirit of now, look to designer Martiniano Lopez Crozet. The Argentinian-born designer launched his namesake label in 2011 with specific attention to comfort—each pair is handmade with just one piece of 100% fine Italian kid leather. Available in the aforementioned glove style, he also offers loafers, flat booties, slides, and strappy sandals. Slip them on to head to the store, to brunch, or with a mini sequin-bedecked dress on a Saturday night.

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