Indoor plant trend: The Olive Treee

Visit any Céline boutique or spend some time on interior design blogs, and you will inevitably find a fiddle leaf fig tree (also known as a ficcus tree). It is undeniably the indoor house plant of the moment—or has been for the past few years—but there’s a new form of flora taking over. The Olive Tree, which bears a slightly Mediterranean feel, is providing a welcome reproach from the fiddle leaf fig (which is appearing in more Instagram pictures then seems humanly possible).

This tree is less  glossy and glamorous than the fiddle leaf, but possesses a quiet ease and light, slate grey-green coloring. A few of them will even produce olives. So take a trip to your nursery, take a few minutes to consider a tree, and for the future, make it an olive.

Buy an olive tree here, and learn the basics here.