Llama Inn Quinoa

Quinoa has become an It-dish, like kale, or chia seeds, or homemade almond milk. It’s been cooked multiples of ways, but none so unique as the Quinoa starter dish at new restaurant Llama Inn. Located in Williamsburg, the Peruvian restaurant has narrowed in on traditional Peruvian dishes with a twist (delivered in a cool, all-wooden atmosphere). The quinoa dish is not what you expect. The ingredients read like a grocery list: avocado, banana, bacon, and cashews, but somehow it tastes better than ok—it’s delicious.

The dish is courtesy of a menu constructed by Peruvian-American chef Erik Ramirez (who worked under the head chef at Eleven Madison Park), and whose take on modern Peruvian flavors offers an element of surprise in each dish.

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