Accessory: Rebecca de Ravenel Jewelry

These days, it seems not a day goes by without a pair of Rebecca de Ravenel’s Les Bonbons earrings appearing on someone fabulous. The jet-setting designer launched her namesake line in 2015, and has won fans around the world for her fun, statement jewels. Raised between the Bahamas and Paris, de Ravenel was inspired by the stylish women that flitted in and out of her life, influencing both her personal style and her jewelry taste. “There are a few pieces of jewelry that have never left my mind,” she says. “One was an extraordinary charm necklace worn by a woman I grew up around, each charm was more dazzling and amusing than the next and it was full to the brim of goodies. I always was fascinated as to how it didn't break. I have loved that necklace for as long as I can remember. Another was a friend of my mothers, who I still refer to as the lady with the ring. She wore a ring on her little finger that had two delicately dangling chains one with a diamond and one with a pearl."

De Ravenel's ‘Les Bonbons’ earrings (currently the only style she stocks), began rather organically. She needed a pair of lightweight earrings that were whimsical and wearable, and whilst donning a pair she quickly gained compliments from family and friends. Handmade in India with silk thread, the earrings marry de Ravenel’s mix of Bahamian and Parisian style, references that appear in both her jewelry making and home (she's also an interior designer). “I find French women tend to dress more effortlessly than others. In the islands, comfort and ease are essential. What I love about each is that the essence of island style and Parisian style are similar in the sense that people wear what is practical and feminine, it's less curated than the women you see in most places at the moment.”

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