Sangre de Fruta beauty line

The first thing you notice about Sangre de Fruta is the packaging. Nestled amongst the packaging are sleek, shiny black bottles with white labels inscribed in old style script, like a bottle of decadent oil from a boutique store in Italy. A small booklet accompanies the products, describing what each is for, the ingredients, and the effects it has on your skin, body, and spirit.

The hand crafted, 100% organic line is hand bottled in Canada in small batches by founder Allison Audrey Weldon, who sought to create a line of products that embraced and celebrated the natural world. Previously a yoga instructor and restauranteur, she was inspired by ancient Egyptian and Greek beauty regimens (which were both effective, and luxuriously indulgent. The line is comprised of water-free formulations made of locally sourced, organic and wild-crafted plant-based ingredients. The brand’s focus is on texture - featuring a signature whipped-butter consistency - and the scent of natural perfumery.

Not only are Weldon's products standouts on your vanity, their scent and potency is incredibly effective. In the end, she says it best: "Our 'Trust your beauty’ motto comes from the simple but wise idea that you glow and radiate beauty when you’re happy. Instead of focusing on wrinkles or aging, we focus on pleasure and joy."

Enjoy it now.