Style Fyle: Deborah Pagani

Deborah Pagani has style in spades. The Manhattan-based jewelry designer not only looks like a rockstar (she's often clad in leather, Alaïa, and custom-painted Hermès bags), she's also worked with a handful. Pagani began her career in beauty, working as a hair stylist for clients like Prince and Cindy Lauper for over 14 years. Shortly after, she followed her passion for fine jewelry, launching a namesake line that focuses on classic, Americana-inspired jewels that feel both stately and infinitely cool. Here, she shares five new things she's loving right now.

Celine Blazer.jpg
Deborah Pagiani Earrings
Hermes scarf

CÉLINE BLAZER I'm so into this blazer from the Resort 2017 collection because it’s not the typical boxy look. The waste is cinched perfectly, which balances it between feminine and masculine. 


FILORGA LIP PLUMPER I've always been skeptical when it comes to lip plumpers. Usually during the cold winter months my lips are so chapped, but this lip balm is non-sticky, adds shine, and makes my lips pinker—even though there is no color. There is minimal plumping, but the conditioning aspect of it is near perfect!


OCHRE CHANDELIER A huge inspiration behind my latest collection, Americana, is the light installations by Leo Villarreal. I absolutely love chandeliers – I think every room should have one. This one is modern but still has an art deco feel.


PUZZLE PILL EARRINGS A more elaborate take on the pill, my Puzzle Pill Earrings are a stunning statement piece. Usually my pieces are created with balance and in a channel fashion. However the baguettes are set in multiple directions with no particular rhyme or reason to create more sparkle.


HERMÈS ZEBRA PEGASUS SCARF I love the size and the feel of silk and cashmere scarves, they are timeless, chic, and super warm. They add a pop of color and are the perfect accompaniment to any outfit.