Style Fyle: Tamu McPherson

Tamu McPherson wears many hats. She’s a street style photographer, blogger, editor, mother, bona fide style icon, and one of the fashion world’s most beloved faces. Based in Milan, Jamaican-born McPherson has been on the fashion circuit for years. She began her career as a street style photographer for Grazia Italia, until her own playful style (she favors mixed prints, bright colors and bold accessories) caught the eye of her fellow photographers and editors. Now, she runs her own successful blog, All the Pretty Birds, where she regularly posts interviews with her fellow fashionistas and shares recipes via a section called ‘Tamu’s Café.’ Here, she shares five of her new favorite things.


TEA TIME  I'm obsessed with Yogi Tea's Ginger Hibiscus tea. 



REFLECTOR I'm crazy about my Vetements reflector-heel ankle boots. They turned out to be so comfortable, and I would have bet the other way.


CHECKING INVOICES I really love Checking Invoices' Instagram account, @checking_invoices. The creators photograph themselves with their faces hidden in items that they are checking in for photo shoots. I think the concept is original, clever and the images themselves are editorially worthy. 


UNDERGROUND RAILROAD I love Colson Whitehead's award winning novel the Underground Railroad. His story of a female slave's attempt to flee slavery is poignantly written, sincere and impressively imaginative. 


MARCO DE VINCENZO This coat is incredible. I could sleep in mine!