Oui Shave

Just like deodorant and toothpaste, razors probably don’t receive as much attention as, say, the new serum you’re using. However, they’re just as important. Oui Shave, a new line created in 2014 by Karen Young, a former fashion and beauty executive, is different from other brands. For Young, shaving was pure torture, always resulting in bumps, ingrown hairs and razor burns. As necessity is the mother of invention, she set out to launch a company that specializes in “safety razors,” a razor that features one single blade, exposed on two sides. The razor gently wicks the hair from the surface of your skin, as opposed to three or four blades that lift the hairs, cut them below skin level, and scrape across skin. At once, it solves the issue of irritation (friction), and ingrown hairs (when the hair grows back at an angle and curls beneath the skin).

Young also created a selection of beautifully packaged products: a bikini line oil specifically targeted to soften hairs and reduce in-growns, a body scrub, shave oil, and a new shave lotion (suitable for use whilst shaving and as a regular lotion). Not to mention, the 14K gold razor looks ultra chic in your shower. 

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