Gentle Monster x Tilda Swinton

Tilda Swinton is something of a fashion chameleon. And what are sunglasses, if not the perfect tool to transform yourself into someone more mysterious and glamorous (of which Swinton is both). This Spring, the lauded actress has collaborated with Korean eyewear label, Gentle Monster, on an exclusive collection of edgy and colorful sunglasses that are framed to make a statement.

The anticipated shades come in three different and striking silhouettes, including thick acetate frames (offered in three color ways each) as well as thin stainless steel rims with mirrored lenses.

Naturally the actress—whom Gentle Monster has long admired for her exceptional artistry—showcases her cinematic skills and cool demeanor in the campaign’s accompanying short film (bellow). Written and directed by Erik Madigan Heck, the film, titled The Endgame, is loosely inspired by Swedish director, Ingmar Bergman’s acclaimed drama-fantasy The Seventh Seal. In the video, Swinton is seen playing a game of chess that somehow leads to a fencing duel. Much like Swinton herself, it’s wonderfully otherworldly and endlessly chic.

Tilda Swinton ✕ Gentle Monster,

- Written by Sofia Sosunov