Vegan Beauty: Lilfox, Mullein & Sparrow, French Girl Organics

Luxury, all-natural beauty products are having a moment in the sun, but there’s a new frontier in the organic beauty world: vegan beauty. With the rise of brands like May Lindstrom, Vintner’s Daughter and Tata Harper, there’s a slew of organic beauty labels taking it one step further. Take Mullein & Sparrow, a Brookyn-based label that specializes in creating vegan, 100% organic beauty products that work to heal and improve skin. Their lavender facial mist and facial steam (a dreamy package of dried wildflowers), and a new trio of serums are favorites from the label. French Girl organics is another new label whose beautiful packaging will ensure you leave the products out on your vanity. Created by Kristeen Griffin-Grimes, French Girl was born from a quest to create beautiful, organic products that are made from natural and wild origins. Griffin-Grimes’ unique background as a herbalist, creator (she also knits and crochets), and adventurer has culminated in a brand for every girl. Lastly is LilFox, created by Miami-based Alexis Rose. A certified aromatherapist and essential oil educator, she set out to create a line of products infused with her passion for the healing properties of exotic elements, including wild crafted and organic plant essential oils, delicate hydrosols and magical crystals. It also includes botanical extracts, exotic virgin oils, unrefined plant butters, mineral rich clays and Earth's crystals, and smells good enough to eat (seriously).

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