Miusa Wine Bar

On a quiet street in Williamsburg, a dimly lit restaurant is tucked away, like a secret waiting to be discovered. Miusa Wine Bar, a relative newcomer to the area, boasts a cozy atmosphere (despite its long communal table), a range of wines to suit every taste bud, and a menu that mixes traditional Italian dishes with tried and true American fare (like the pulled pork burritos which use lettuce leaves instead of tacos) concocted by executive chef Andrea Soldini.  

The idea behind MIUSA originates from their love of food and land. The restaurant is directly linked to the "slow food" movement, in that they strive to preserve and support local or sustainable food producers and traditions. They solely source products made in the USA, through which they guide patrons through a truly local culinary experience. A labor of love, Miusa Wine Bar is the passion project of three Italian guys who love America.

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