Photography by Jake Jones


Consider furniture an extension of your stylish life—and Italian furniture brand Sotow a company you need to invest in.

THE SOTOW store is not easy to find. Firstly, you have to find the right door on a busy Milanese street, then slip beneath a giant archway, through a courtyard past the incredible Laboratorio Paravicini store, (where Costanza Paravicini hand paints the most beautiful plates), around a corner and then, tucked behind some greenery, lies the store (albeit a little smaller than you might imagine). What it lacks for in size, it makes up for in goods. Available on, an online retailer dedicated to showcasing Italian craftsmanship, Sotow is known for its handmade iron chairs finished in creative color ways and upholstered in fabrics ranging from pony hair to bold prints. The design was originally created for outdoor use, but was repurposed and modernized for indoors. An array of different styles and colors hang on the walls and crowd the floors, showcasing chairs finished in tennis greens and burnt reds mixed amongst buttercup yellows.

 Photography by Jake Jones

Sotow was created by Italian designer Paolo Calcagni, whose background is in film, advertising, and design. His foray into furniture was born from a desire to create custom chairs that paired creative color combinations with unusual fabrics. Chair cushions are made from herringbone or botanical prints and racing green stripes. Calcagni’s latest project was a bag collaboration with fashion designer Giulia Ber Tacchini, who worked for many years with Prada, Chloe and Dior as jewelry and accessories designer and has now founded her own brand, MAISSA, a luxury handbags collection based on 3D printing. The pair created tote-style shopping bags out of the same fabric as chair cushions, matching them in a unique fashion-meets-home fusion (which launched this past week during Milan Fashion Week). The brand’s clientele is perfectly chic—iconic Positano-based hotel La Sirenuse’s terrace is full of Sotow chairs in navy with white piping. Recently he branched into tables and larger sofa styles, and also designed a ping pong table priced upwards of $8000, which features brass legs and a net made from Tuscan-tanned leather.

The beauty of Calcagni’s pieces lies in his remarkable ability to mix ingenious hues with fabrics. These aren’t just chairs made to fulfill the purpose of seating, they’re chairs with personality—with panache. These are pieces that find playfulness in practicality, and merriment in the mundane.

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