three graces London

Meet Catherine Johnson, the designer behind the London-based brand.

Catherine Johnson’s clothes are easy to pack. That's not an easy feat, especially at a time when almost everything is made from wrinkle-proof jersey. Her line, Three Graces London, is the ultimate suitcase-friendly choice for obvious reasons: You can wear her sleepwear-slash-loungewear pieces from bed to breakfast, the beach, dinner, and then ultimately, back to bed. This is a label that transcends the boundaries of occasion specific clothing, and is part of a fast-growing group of brands that are glamorizing off-the-shoulder tops and dresses in simple fabrics making them all-occasion appropriate.

photography, art and fashion are my biggest inspirations."


It's a style that suits Johnson well. The Switzerland-based designer launched her label after collecting vintage nightgowns and pajamas for years (often scouring vintage markets for them). Then, ultimately deciding that she could create her own take on sleepwear, she imbued her line with a sense of contemporary elegance. “I understood that the beauty of these garments transported the wearer to another place,” she says. “When I put these pieces on I truly understand how closely connected fashion and escapism are. I’m at home, but I feel different—more special. I wanted to create garments that allowed other women to feel this way.”


 Lipsky-Karasz's grandmother in Thailand

Lipsky-Karasz's grandmother in Thailand

  Lipsky-Karasz's grandmother  in Cambodia

Lipsky-Karasz's grandmother in Cambodia



Her love for all things feminine also extends to beauty, "I cleanse with either Bioderma makeup remover or Sensai milky soap—I love Japanese beauty products. A couple of times a week I will follow this with B Sand Facial Exfoliant and I love to use La Roche Posay facial moisturizer.” 

 Designer Catherine Johnson

Designer Catherine Johnson

“I’ve always loved fashion. I remember very fondly buying a pair of electric blue platform shoes at a village fete when I was 8 years old.” 


Three Graces London, which quickly gained traction in the fashion world securing Net-a-Porter as a stockist, comes at a time ripe for sleepwear. The boudoir trend shows no sign of dying, but then, a pair of silk pajamas can last forever. “Photography, art and fashion are my biggest inspirations,” says Johnson, with particular reference to the tomboyish elegance of Bianca Jagger. “I’ve always loved fashion. I remember very fondly buying a pair of electric blue platform shoes at a village fete when I was 8 years old.”

The label, which offers dresses, pajama sets, lingerie, and robes—all of which is equally at home on the streets as much as your bathroom—reflects the casual ease of Johnson herself. “I love seeing our pieces being worn in different settings,” she says. “It’s such a compliment.”


1. What do you eat for breakfast?
A cup of tea and a digestive biscuit followed by yoghurt and granola.

2. What was the last thing you dreamed about?
My mum.

3. If you could have any super power, what would it be?
To heal people.

4. What is your spirit animal?
A lion.

5. Biggest vice?

6. If you could swap lives with anyone in history (alive or dead), who would it be?

7. Favorite song?
Zorba the Greek by Kostas Papadopoulos. It never fails to make me smile and I always want to dance to it.

8. Favorite artists?
Lucien Freud.

9. If you could wear one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

10. Any hidden talents?
I'm really strong.